How To Get Rid of Bunions

By Subodh / November 26, 2011

Some people believe that bunions are caused by the wearing of shoes that are too tight. This may be one of the agents that help to cause the deformity of the metatarsophangeal joint. The metatarsophangeal joint supports the majority of the weight of your body when you are doing things like walking, standing, and running. This of course is your big toe that we are speaking of and the big toe gets a lot of abuse from us in the activities we do and in the shoes we choose to wear. When the tissue that surrounds the joint of the big toe or the bone around this joint shifts the result can be your big toe shifting to a position more inward on your foot, closer to the position of the second toe.

When this occurs it causes the tissue to become swollen and very tender to the touch. After a period of time a hardened lump will appear in the area on the side of your foot. This hardened lump or bunion can be quite painful and will more than likely develop arthritis after a length of time.

The only way to truly get rid of bunions is to have foot surgery performed by a podiatrist to correct the deformity. You can address the symptoms of the condition and alleviate some of the pain associated with bunions.

Strengthening Exercises for Your Toes

This sounds slightly amusing but since the problem is caused by your big toe moving inward towards your second toe you can perform foot exercises to strengthen your big toes and decrease the amount of movement you experience.

In order to adequately exercise this portion of your body you will need to move the toe in every possible position it can be moved in and hold it in that position until you count to ten. Repeat the exercises daily to help keep the joint at the base of your toe flexible and to help keep the toe from moving toward the second toe.

Proper Footwear at all Times

While footwear is not the only cause of bunions it is primarily the main cause of this condition. Whenever you wear shoes that squeeze your toes together for long periods of time you are creating the condition that causes the bunions. Women have far more instances of bunions than men do because women wear uncomfortable shoes that press their toes together instead of allowing them room to move.

You may also cause your feet to have bunions if you are buying shoes that are simply the wrong width. If you get a painfully sore pressure point from your shoe applying pressure to your foot then you need to buy wider shoes.


You can purchase splints to be worn while you are in bed that will help to control the amount of movement your big toe has. These splints apply a gentle pressure holding your toe in the correct position rather than allowing it to be pushed to the side.

You can take over the counter pain relievers that contain Ibuprofen to help alleviate some of the pain associated with bunions. You should also talk to a podiatrist about the possibility of removing your bunions surgically.