How To Get Rid of Callouses

Callouses are unsightly spots on the skin that have hardened and tough. Although many people often have callouses, some people often feel embarrassed by their callouses. There are a few things that you can do at home to remove the thick skin so that your skin’s natural softness can be seen. Most callouses can be found on the hands and the feet. While callouses normally do not cause any pain, they are not exactly pretty. A callous is when your skin hardens up to protect the more fragile layers underneath.

  • Wear The Right Kind Of Shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable or rub your foot in the wrong way, you are bound to get a callous. You should be sure that your shoes fit your properly. They should not be too tight nor should they be too narrow. You should also be sure that your shoes allow your feet plenty of room to get air. You will also want to consider slipped extra padded in soles into your shoes to add even more protection against callouses.
  • Wear Durable Gear. Wear gloves and knee protectors when working at a job that requires you to be down on your hands and your knees a lot. Be sure that the material of your gloves will not interfere with your job, but still provide you with plenty of protection.
  • Soak And Scrub. You should also be sure to soak and scrub your feet regularly. Soak your feet in hot water for period of roughly twenty minutes or so. You can add Epsom salts to the water to help soften up the tough skin on your feet. Vinegar and salicylic acid are two other ingredients that you can add to the mix that can also help soften up the tough skin. Once you have soaked your feet, you can use a pumice stone to rub the areas that have layers of tough skin and callouses. Scrub the callous with the pumice stone until it is gone. For those who are diabetic, it is not a good idea to use a pumice stone to rub your feet. In fact, diabetics should avoid using anything to rub their feet. Diabetics can try taking a barefoot walk on the beach and let the sand act as a natural pumice stone.
  • Fight Back With Aspirin. You can crush up about fifteen or twenty aspirin and mix it with some lemon juice. The mixture will make a paste that you should apply to a rag. Wrap the rag around the part of your feet that has the callous.
  • Moisturize. Apply moisturizer to your feet and hands on a regular basis. If you keep your skin soft, it will be difficult for callouses to form. Any moisturizer that contains alpha hydroxy acids will be the most effective in trapping moisture inside of your skin.
  • Wear Gloves. Wear protective gear to help prevent against callouses.

If you work at a job with that requires a lot of hands on work, you might be someone who is prone to callouses. You should understand that a lot of people get callouses and they are not something that you should be embarrassed of.