How To Get Rid of Cortisol Fat

Before you understand cortisol fat, it is important to understand the meaning of cortisol. When you are stressed, the adrenal glands secrete a hormone in response, which is called cortisol. When you get up in the morning cortisol is high and lowers during the day. However, when you get stressed body releases additional cortisol to fight stress.

Many believe that cortisol is the main reason for increase in fat, though this is not true. Some studies suggest that when cortisol is released in excess it lowers down your metabolism. However, saying that cortisol is the reason for increase in fat would be like scraping the mountain. It is important to understand the root cause. Knowing the true cause will help you from eliminating the problem. There are two main theories to this.

Theory 1

When the adrenal glands release cortisol to fight stress, your brain gets the signal that your body is fighting stress. Now there is no one copybook definition of stress here. Stress actually can be of many types: physical stress, emotional stress or mental stress to name a few. Physical stress could be caused by excessive workout. This thus explains the theory of why sometimes you gain weight when you exercise too much. Some people react to stress by eating more especially high in carbohydrates.

Theory 2

Another theory is that when cortisol is released, your metabolism rate is lowered automatically as a response from your brain. When the body is stressed, it automatically goes into survival mode and helps you retain more fat by lowering the metabolism rate. Metabolism rate helps you digest and reduce fat. Thus, lower metabolism rate means more fat is stored in your body.

You may choose to believe in either one or both of the theories. However, both the theories make one thing clear. It is not cortisol, which causes you to become fat. In fact, cortisol is a hormone, which increases your immunity and regulates your blood sugar levels. It also gives you energy to exercise or do a physical activity.

So now that we know the real cause of cortisol fat, let us look at how you can get rid of cortisol fat.

Reduce Stress

Since stress has been identified as the main root cause of cortisol fat, the best way to attack cortisol fat would be by reducing stress. There are various ways of reducing stress. Meditation helps relaxing your body. It only takes 15 minutes in a day to do meditation. Yoga is another proven method to release stress. Some people do deep breathing exercises while some people listen to music. Make sure that you do some activity like meditation or yoga to reduce stress in your life.

Change Eating Habits

If you want to get rid of cortisol fat it would take a little more than eating supplements. You would need to change your eating habits. Eating broccoli, lemons and flaxseed oil among others may help you to reduce weight. The change needs to be more in your lifestyle. Studies have revealed that eating some food can cause stress to you. Thus, to reduce stress it is important to change your eating habit.


Some herbs are known to reduce weight by increasing your metabolism rate. Find out about the herbs that increase metabolism. Having green tea would help. However, avoid caffeine as it produces excessive cortisol in the body.

Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

One of the effects of increased cotisol levels and stress in your body is imbalanced sugar levels. So make sure that you keep your sugar levels checked all the time.


Regular exercise helps you reduce fat. It is a myth that excessive exercise causes increase in weight. In fact, exercise helps in reducing weight. However too much exercise can cause stress thus increasing cortisol levels in your body. Thus, make sure that there are regular gaps between your workout routines. Do not workout for more than 60 minutes at once. In addition, take small breaks between your workouts, preferably 5 minutes of break after every 20 minutes.

Too Much Gap Between the Meals

If you are dieting, be sure that there is not too much gap between the meals. Too much gap between the meals causes your body to crave for food and hence causing stress, which releases cortisol. Thus, you might eat more when you do or your metabolism rate goes down. Both of which is not good if you want to loose weight. So take smaller meals every two to three hours. Have more protein as protein increases the metabolism rate of the body by up to 25 percent.


According to experts, your body needs minimum six hours of sleep everyday. If you are sleeping lesser than that, the stress levels in your body will automatically increase thus causing high amounts of cortisol in the body. Moreover, your metabolism rate in your body is higher when you sleep. So make sure that you get your six hours of sleep everyday.


Now while critics might say that affirmations have nothing to do with anything in particular, the fact is that positive affirmations and visualization techniques have been proven to be helpful in reducing stress levels and increasing metabolism in your body. You should either do it in the morning or at night just before you go to sleep. Lot of sportsmen have used the technique of positive affirmations to heal their body from injuries.