How To Get Rid of Crabs

What Are Lice?

Lice are tiny parasites that are difficult to see with the naked eye. They are blood sucking creatures that live off of their host. Lice can easily be contracted from person to person. They also are a real pain to get rid of, especially in the public region. Because of their size, they are often hard to see. Lice can live on various parts of the body. While the itching can be enough to drive someone mad, there is a cure to this problem. The treatment of lice can be very easy if you simply rigorously follow a few simple steps. Do not be embarrassed. This is a problem that happens to millions of people each year from many different kinds of backgrounds.

Treatments of Public Lice Or Crabs

  • Shampoos. If you have become infested with crabs, also known as public lice, you can buy shampoos that promise to kill the crabs and their eggs. These shampoos can be purchased at any local drugstore, grocery store, or mass merchandiser. Rid is a very popular brand name lice shampoo. Women who are pregnant or nursing should consider other treatments that are more natural.
  • Vinegar. For those who prefer the old fashioned at home method, or just do not want to go to the store to buy lice medicine, you can pour vinegar over your public hair. You can use a washcloth or towel to help remove the nits and lice.
  • Fine Toothed Comb. There are special combs that you can purchase that are specifically for the removal of lice and crabs. These can be pricey. You can choose to use a fine toothed comb to brush out the lice and their eggs. Trimming your hair or public hair before attempting this task would be a good idea considering that you would have less hair to work with.
  • Wash Your Stuff. Be sure to wash of your personal items such as bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases, as well as your hats. You also will want to wash your combs, underwear, and other items in hot water that is at least one hundred thirty degrees to kill off any lice or nits. If you miss one item, you could end up having lice or crab again. Make sure to dry your items on high heat for a period of at least twenty minutes after you wash them.

Getting rid of lice or crabs does not have to be a battle you cannot win. Anyone can contract these highly contagious parasites. In fact, lice and crabs prefer a cleaner environment rather than a dirty one. Shaving your public hair might not do you any good. All it takes is one missed louse and you will be infested again. Lice can hold on to the smallest stubble left behind. If left untreated, head lice and crabs can create serious health issues. Pubic lice and head lice is a very serious condition that if taken seriously, can be taken care of easily.