How To Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia)

By Subodh / July 28, 2011

Many of us are brilliant when it comes to written work or assignment. The problem, however, crops up for some when it comes to a presentation. A certain fear works in them, which makes them forget all the main points, and so it all goes haywire. This fear of speaking in front of an audience is known as glossophobia.

A lot of students are scared to go for a presentation, and thus lose a good grade. There are a lot of business people also who are scared before they go in for a presentation. Fear of public speaking of glossophobia can be overcome.

First, you must know the symptoms of the fear of public speaking. The symptoms are:

  • Physical distress
  • Feeling panicky
  • Fidgety
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Intense anxiety
  • Avoiding occasion where individual focus is of prime concern

Causes of fear of public speaking:

Loneliness: If you are suffering from a sense of loneliness then you might tremble at the thought of a public speaking. You become aware of the fact that you are alone on the stage with everyone else sitting in the auditorium with their eyes glued on you.

Understanding fear: Fear is nothing but a neurological behavior. Even you might not know that why are you exactly scared of something. It is a set of preconceptions that make you weak in the knees.

Sense of insecurity: The sense of insecurity that no one loves you, or are bothered about you might cause the fear of public speaking. The feeling of lack of support or motivation is an enemy of public speaking.

About performance: A lot of people are too worried about their persona, and thus they tend to get shaky when it comes to any public speaking. They want to shoot their best performance, and the pressure of that often makes them forget the actual matter of the presentation.

Overcoming your fear of speaking in public:

Combat your fear: Go on rehearsing a number of times before you go for the actual presentation. Talk to your friends and relatives about your fear. Their support and motivation will help you.

Be through with the material: You can jot down the main points on a small piece of paper or can put them up on slides. This way even if you forget something you can recall it too.

Interact with the audience: To do away with your fear of loneliness you can keep interacting with the audience. Once you can make them interact with you, your fear is naturally gone before you know it.

Speech coaches: Many classes are held to train you in public speaking. Attending them might also help in overcoming your glossophobia.