How to Get Rid of Fear of Spiders

The fear of spiders (arachnophobia) is very common. Both adult and children have this problem, which can be overcome receiving the right treatment and the right kind of encouragement.

Some tips for helping you overcome your fear of spiders are shown below:

  • Uncover the root of your fear. Maybe it is a childhood memory of being bit by a poisonous variety of spider. Either that or maybe you were told that spiders were evil, horrible creatures. Whatever the reason behind your fear knowing what that reason for it is will help you conquer it.
  • Do some research about spiders. This is an important step because usually when it comes to overcoming fears it is the fear of the unknown that most needs to be conquered. Exposing the child to fictional storybooks with spiders in them as the main story line can really help a child overcome arachnophobia.
  • Seek out help and encouragement. Maybe there is a local support group that meets in your area that deals with certain types of phobias. Either that or maybe you can seek out professional counseling.

Talking to a reliable friend or relative can also help as long as you seek out people who are understanding and supportive. Stay away from people who would put you down or make fun of you because of your arachnophobia.

    • Visit insect sanctuaries. You might find these at your local zoo or exotic pet shop. The more you face spiders directly the more desensitized you are likely to become. Facing your fear directly is a challenge, but if you can do it you may overcome the fear faster. However, you should take this step when you are ready for it to be most effective.

Gather a collection of toy spiders. This advice probably would work best for kids but it is never too late for an adult to play with toy spider. Either that or you can just set plastic, rubber, or cloth spiders of all sizes out for decoration sake.

  • Take in a spider as a pet. Once you become friends with one you will not be so fearful of them anymore. You can just hide one in a jar or place larger ones (i.e. a tarantula) in a standard-sized glass pet tank/cage.

Have a little bit of courage to just look at the spider every single day, and of course feed it and take care of it. This is another way of becoming the animal’s companion instead of enemy.

Additional Ideas

If you are in the process of exposing yourself to spiders to get over your fear of them, here are some additional ideas to help you out. One thing you can do is go through a series of steps as you attempt to conquer your arachnophobia.

Here is an alternative guide to getting rid of your fear of spiders by follow these exposure steps:

  1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Then, draw lines through the circles (eight of them) for legs. Eventually, make your drawing of the spider more accurate.
  2. Look at photos of spiders. The black and white ones may seem less threatening at first, but then work up to viewing more realistic color photos when you are ready.
  3. Watch videos of spiders. The close-up shots may be the next-best thing to actually seeing a live spider because they will show more detail.
  4. Look at both dead and live real spiders sealed in jars. First view them from a distance that feels safe for you and gradually make that distance shorter and shorter until you can view the animal up close.