How To Get Rid of Foot Drop

This is a medical condition that makes it hard for a person to flex the muscles that connect the ankle and the toes. This makes it hard for a person to lift the foot up and make this walking to be impossible and painful to do so causing dragging of the foot. This is not a disease as such as it may be a symptom of another condition that may be affecting a person and as a result causing this type of problem.

The condition may affect you on either on a single foot or both of them and therefore whenever you are looking for any treatment so that you can get rid of drop foot here are some of the few things that you should look at. The first thing that you should ensure that you look at is the causes of this condition and they are stipulated as follows.

  • The first reason why you may suffer this condition is due to the low back pain that is common in people. This is a leading cause of this disorder and therefore can be addressed by treating this condition and therefore the food drop will disappear eventually.
  • Another problem that may cause this problem is the cerebral palsy or any other degenerative disorder related problem such as motor neuron disorders.
  • Some disorders such as diabetes can also contribute to a large extent to this problem as it may affect the nerves and therefore leading to this condition.
  • Another common reason that leads to this condition is known as compartment syndrome which may occur due to the low supply of oxygen in the body.
  • Also conditions that may affect the spinal cord or the brain can also play a huge role in contributing to this problem among some people.
  • Medical procedures such as chemotherapy on cancer patient may experience foot drop problem as it can be one of the side effects of such medical treatment procedure.

When you are suffering from a disorder like this there are several things that you will experience and for you to know it is this problem here are some of the signs and symptoms that you can experience.

  • You will experience some pain when moving your muscles that holds the ankle and the upper foot.
  • Also there can be some pain when climbing stairs and when riding bicycle
  • There is also a chance of developing a limp foot and this is mostly common in a foot that flops away.

When you suspect that you have this condition it can be good to seek the appropriate treatment that can help in dealing with this problem. Some of the possible ways that are available for treatment of this condition are as follows.

  • Surgery is one way that can be used to rectify a problem especially when it was complex.
  • Physical exercising is also another great way that can be used in treating some of the few simple conditions.