How To Get Rid of Gas

On average every person passes gas around fourteen times a day. Gas is a natural occurrence in our bodies, and the gas must be released or we will suffer from pain. It is something that can be quite embarrassing under the right circumstances because of the social stigma that has been placed on the expelling of gas in public. If you do this you are considered uncivilized, rude, and lacking in the proper manners.

What Causes Gas?

There are two main causes of gas in the human body

  1. Air is taken in when we eat, when we drink, and when we talk. We are constantly swallowing air and this air has to be let back out of our bodies. It comes out as a burp, or a belch, and some of it moves through our small intestine to be expelled as flatulence.
  2. The foods we eat produce gas as they break down in our bodies. Having gas is actually the sign of a good diet that is more than likely rich in fiber. Foods like fiber rich vegetables, fruits and legumes that are so healthy for our bodies produce gas as a side effect.

stomach gas

Things You Can Do About Gas

There are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of gas you have. Some of the following tips may help:

  1. You can limit your intake of foods that cause you to have a lot of gas. Do not eliminate the fiber rich foods because they provide so many health benefits for your body. You can however limit the quantity of the foods that cause you the most problems, and you can adjust the times when you ingest these foods.
  2. If you experience a lot of gas after eating dairy products you may be lactose intolerant. You would then need to reduce the amount of dairy products you consume, or you can try to replace some of your dairy with versions made for people experiencing lactose intolerance.
  3. Chew your food thoroughly. When you do not chew your food adequately you gulp air when you force your body to swallow the food particles. The more air you take in the more gas your body has to let out.
  4. Do not drink with a straw. Using a straw will cause you to swallow more air than when you do not use a straw.
  5. Stop smoking. Not only is smoking putting you in danger of many diseases you are taking more air in than non-smokers, so you will have more gas than they do. Not to mention more instances of bad breath.
  6. Take over the counter medications to help you control the gas.
  7. Lactase is an enzyme that helps those people who are lactose intolerant to be able to eat dairy foods without having excess gas.
  8. Charcoal tablets will help to break up gas bubbles
  9. Semithione is also good to rid your body of gas bubbles
  10. There is a product known as Beano that will help to prevent gas, unless the gas is caused by lactose intolerance.