How To Get Rid of Hangovers

What Exactly is a Hangover?

It is not really possible to provide a precise and clear explanation as to what exactly a hangover is. The best that anyone can say is that it is a collection of symptoms which have arisen from a set of different conditions which are directly resulted from a person’s actions on the previous night. This article shows exactly what these ‘conditions’ may be and what y can do to help prevent them from occurring and minimizing the outcome of their effects. There are many different hangover cures that people use nowadays and it is not always clear which one be the most suitable for your circumstances. The best cure will depend on the specific symptoms you are suffering from.

Hangover Symptoms and Causes

There are many different individual symptoms which can contribute to a hangover. These will all result from different conditions the body may be in and from what actions have caused the actual conditions. Here we will look at a few of the more common symptoms of hangovers and what could be the cause of the said symptoms.

Hangover Symptoms

  • Thirst – This is a very obvious result of too much alcohol. If you drink too much alcohol without replenishing the water content of your body you will become dehydrated and consequently will feel thirsty as a result.
  • Fatigue –When we drink copious amounts of alcohol, our bodies need to use a lot of different vitamins; minerals and energy in order to metabolise it into our systems. This drains resources from the normal bodily functions and reducing the restful effect of our sleep. Drinking alcohol also creates a drop in blood-sugar levels which causes fatigue.
  • HeadachesHeadaches are often associated with dehydration and so are certain types of chemical called congeners. The chemicals, Congeners, are added to several types of alcohol in the manufacturing process. The highest concentrations are generally found in dark liquors.
  • Nausea and Stomach Ache – When you intake high amounts of alcohol it has an irritating effect on the entire digestive tract. Due to the harsh nature of the product it can leave your stomach feeling sore and uncomfortable in the morning. You can also feel queasy and nausea as a result.

Hangover Treatment

  1. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks.
  2. Eating bananas, or other fruit high in potassium, will replenish the potassium and lost electrolytes.
  3. Chew small pieces of ginger to cure hangover.
  4. Eat Eggs or eggs sandwich.
  5. Take shower or bath it while make you feel better.
  6. Coffee may relieve the headache symptoms  but that relief is only temporary and the symptoms will return.