How To Get Rid of Hay Fever

Hay fever is otherwise known as allergic rhinitis. Hay fever is triggered by the pollens of some specific seasonal plants. The pollens of certain plants are borne by air and when some people inhale them they get allergy attack. The symptoms are sneezing, a runny nose, and itching eyes. The name hay fever has been derived since it is most prevalent in the haying season.

Hay fever can be of two types:

Seasonal: This type of hay fever mainly occurs in the pollen season. Seasonal hay fever does not attack till a child is of 6 years of age.

Perennial: Perennial hay fever, as the name suggests, can occur at anytime of the year. This kind of hay fever is mainly common in children.

Hay fever can be prevented by taking a few precautionary measures. Here are a few ways to prevent hay fever:

  • Avoid pollens: If you know that you are allergic to pollens, then to stay away from it is the best way. If you find plants which you are allergic to, cover your nose with a handkerchief. This will prevent the pollens from entering your body.
  • Try to be indoors: In the morning and in the evening the pollen levels are at the highest. Try to be indoors in those times if possible
  • Masks: You can also buy masks that filter away the pollens, and thus save you from the allergy
  • Dry clothes indoors: Dry your clothes in the dryer or just let them dry indoors. If you let them out, then they might attract the pollens and cause hay fever when you wear them.
  • Avoid yard work: Try to stay away from any sort of yard work. You can also get hay fever from grass.
  • Wash your hands and face: Wash off your hands and face properly at regular intervals. This will help you to remove the pollens that might be on your hands and face, from where it is most likely
  • Sunglasses: Pollens can also get in through your eyes and cause allergic rhinitis. Wearing sunglasses will prevent the chances of pollens to get into your eyes, and thus reducing the chance of hay fever.

You might get hay fever, even after taking these precautions. In such a circumstance, you must rush to the doctor immediately and have the medicines that he or she prescribes to you at the earliest.