How to Get Rid of Holiday Season Depression

By Subodh / June 18, 2011

Although it is a season of love, happiness and family, the holidays can be a very sad and depressing time for many people who may be feeling lonely and especially sad during this time. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a well known problem which affects people all over the world and causes them to feel fragile, anxious and uneasy during the Christmas period and causing undue stress on individuals during this time. There are many reasons for people to feel this way and we will generally all experience one of these problems at some point in our lives. Stress and fatigue are common factors as well as over commercialization and unrealistic expectations from people. If you are alone or far away from loved ones it can add more pressure and stress to an already tense time and this can lead to people sinking lower into depression rather than out of it.

Be With loved Ones
This may not always be possible, but to try and be with friends and loved ones as much as possible during the holidays will help to reduce stress and add fun and laughter to your time. It is always easier to feel glum when you are alone and so surrounding yourself with others will help to creating a feeling of festivity and around you which will help to pull you out f a slump. If you have no family in the area you can help to relieve stress by getting involved with the community and finding people to spend time with. By helping to make other people happy and doing something that will help the community you can also gain a sense of well being and warmth which will help you to understand your worth and place as a person. If you still feel that you need someone to talk to or people who will be able to help you in your time of need then joining a support group is often of great benefit for people. To spend time with people who have similar problems and listening to how they overcame them or how they deal with them is a brilliant way in which you can be with other people and help to relieve your emotional problems at the same time.

Keep the Body Healthy

Although holiday depression is mainly an emotional problem, some of the symptoms can be attributed to physical problems and, by keeping the body healthy and fit, you can help reduce a lot of the symptoms of SAD and keep yourself happier during the holidays. A tried and weary body can contribute to a feeling of ennui and depression as the person tends to feel like they have no energy or vitality anymore. Exercising and eating a nutritious and healthy diet help us to keep our bodies full of energy and can help to prevent any illness or diseases which are common during this season. Sleep is another important factor and, by making sure you get enough sleep, you can help to keep the mind alert and healthy to deal with any emotions that come your way.