How To Get Rid Of Hyperhidtrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a common problem, but chances are you may have heard of this condition spoke of using this term. Simply but, this is a condition that that is characterized by excessive sweating.

It could be that the body produces too much sweat just in certain areas, such as the armpits, palms, feet, or face. However, it could also be that the entire body is affected.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

The main cause of hyperhidrosis is a nervous system malfunction, usually within the sympathetic chain that is responsible for perspiration. This is an action that cannot be controlled, and as a result some people experience consequences that you would not expect.

Not only may they be embarrassed, especially if the sweating is in the groin area, but they also might have “butter fingers.” Some people might not even be able to hold a phone or pen in their hand.

Daily living can become uncomfortable. However, there is a way to get rid of hyperhidrosis. A variety of suggestions are given below which should help you address excess sweating as shown below.

Solving the Problem

Sometimes medications are used to get rid of hyperhidrosis. Some medicines used for this purpose include Ditropan, Robinul, and Probanthine. However, sometimes people prefer not to use these or other classics of drugs (especially psychotropic ones) because of the high risk of side effects.

One other medical approach to this problem is sympathectomy, which is a form of endoscopic thereapy. The main premise of this action take is to interrupt the nerve tracks and nodes that send signals to the sweat glands.

Usually this endoscopic prodecure (ETS) is performed through the back or the lower part of the neck. It also can be performed on the chest cavity.

There is also a clostridium botulism procedure, involves the use of a non-poisonous form of botulism used to help alter the muscles and the nerves. The objective is to help reduce nerve impulse to muscles, but also could help prevent signals being sent to the sweat glands.

Sometimes if the problem is in just localized areas such as under the arms, under the breasts, or in the genital area, an antiperspirant helps. There are higher-grade ones available if your current one does not work the way it should.

Additional Thoughts

It also helps to just keep as clean as possible. If necessary, you might want to take some disposable cloths with in the event you want to wipe down on the go. You might also want to take a spare can or bottle of deodorant with you, just to be on the safe side.

The last option would be a more invasive traditional surgery. However, that is not recommended unless no other options have improved your situation.

If it turns out you do need surgery it would involve making several incisions into a person’s body. This could result in scarring and other post-surgery discomfort. However, this may be the only way to correct issues in the event sweat takes place beyond the hairy portion of the axilia.