How To Get Rid of Itches

Have you ever had one of those itches that you just cannot get any relief from? It seems that the more you scratch the worse the itch gets? Or those maddening itches that seem to crawl when you start to scratch. An itch is caused by something making contact with your skin that irritates it the majority of the time. Some itches can be a result of a bug bite, while dry skin conditions can create some itches. Hair tickling your skin can cause you to itch and of course touching something that you are allergic to like poison ivy can cause you to itch. You can also itch when you ingest something that causes an allergic reaction. So the only real way to address an itch is to address the cause of the itch.

Is There a Rash

Most of the time an itch that is caused by an allergic reaction will be accompanied by a rash. The rash may at first appear as nothing more than a reddened area on the skin. Most of the time when you have a itch that is caused by an allergic reaction and accompanied by a rash you will want to take an antihistamine to relieve the itch. Over the counter antihistamines will work for most cases like this but if the rash persists, or you develop other symptoms like a fever you need to seek the advice of a doctor before continuing treatment.

Creams that contain hydrocortisone are also very good to help you relieve the itching caused by some allergic type reactions. You can buy mild tubes of these creams over the counter or your doctor can prescribe more powerful concentrations.

Bug Bites

Bug bites can be a common source of the itches on your skin. Bugs like mosquito’s and fleas are common causes of itches on your skin. The more you scratch a mosquito bite the worse the itch will be. The only true way to stop the bite from itching is for you to not touch it. A cold compress will often alleviate the itch associated with a bug bite as well.


Many times itches are caused by things like fabrics you are coming into contact with are causing your skin to itch. Some fabrics like wool are especially bad to cause itches on skin. The only way to stop itches that are created by outside irritants like this is to stop your exposure to these irritants. If you wear something or sit on something that causes you to itch then you need to avoid coming in contact with the material again.

Soothing Baths

A bath taken is water that has had baking soda placed in it will often times soothe your skin and stop the itches. This will not always be the case but frequently it helps. Cool water baths are extremely comforting when you have several mosquito bites and oatmeal soaps will help to alleviate the itches that are caused by poison ivy.

Dry Skin

The number one cause of itches is dry skin. You can alleviate dry skin with ointments and creams. You can also help dry skin by bathing in lukewarm water and by patting your body dry versus rubbing your body with the towel.