How To Get Rid of Knots in Biceps (with Picture)

A knot in biceps is a condition when you feel as if your muscles in the biceps has intertwined, giving a feeling of a knot. Oh and guys (especially the younger ones) in case you think it’s “a whack!”… it is not.

The knot in biceps can be due to excessive workout, lifting weight more than the muscle can handle and mostly because of the muscle remaining idle for a long time. Some believe that it is also cause due to the excessive lactic acid build up in the body due to workout. If you have a knot in your biceps and want to get rid of it here are a few ways to get rid of it.

Massage Therapy


Getting a massage therapy to get rids of the knots in your biceps is by far the next best solution after visiting a doctor or a physiotherapist. A professional massage therapist is trained to release the tension from the muscles. A massage therapist knows exactly how to give a compressed pressure to the affected area and release the tension from the effected muscle. There is a wide ranges of massages that are available. Thai, shiatsu and deep tissue massage are some of the options if you want to get rid of the knot. A massage therapist is trained to give you trigger point therapy on the affected muscle. Trigger point therapy uses compression technique in which he or she uses fingers thumbs and elbows to apply pressure on the sustained muscle or the trigger point for a sustained period until the pain dissipates. A massage therapy is most effective after workout. The reason for this is because lactic acid that builds up in the body during the work out usually goes out of the body after one hour of the exercise.

Consult a Physician


If the pain or the knot does not disappear, it would be advisable to visit a physician. If the knots in the biceps keep coming back then it could also mean that the problem is deeper. The reason for this also could be due to insufficiency of vitamins, calcium and potassium in the body. A doctor could advise you to get the right tests done and find out the root cause of the knots apart from giving you first aid.

Visit a Physio Therapist

Since the knot in the muscle is caused by a spasm, visiting a physio-therapist would be a correct solution too. A physio-therapist can use various techniques which can help you get rid of the knot from your biceps.


Emotional Freedom tapping

EFT or Emotional Freedom tapping technique is one of the proven ways to help you relieve from pain in any part of the body. So even for the knot in biceps, you can use this technique. The technique is very simple and uses the power of the mind to heal. Many skeptics do not believe in EFT and say it is a placebo effect. However if you do some research you can find out that it is not just a belief but science. It uses the power of affirmations while tapping some nerve points on your hand to heal. Nevertheless, you would need to do a little research on the topic before you can choose this option. So if you have a friend who knows how to do EFT, it would be a good option to try it out.



Stretching is probably the easiest first aid you can give yourself when you get a knot in your biceps. Make sure that you do exercises that help you in stretching the affected muscle. One of the stretching exercises could be to hold the fist of the arm that has a knotted biceps, stretch it using the strength of your other hand as much as possible. When the muscle is stretched to the maximum, hold that position for a few seconds and then release it. Keep doing it for a few times until the pain releases. Another stretching exercise could be to hold a bar above your head while standing and hands stretched to the bar holding it firmly. Now slowly pull your hips behind without letting go of the bar. When you are doing this concentrate on the muscle of your biceps that is knotted. You will feel your biceps getting stretched.

Warm Bath


You can also try to give yourself a warm bath. Warm water helps in reducing the spasm and hence can reduce the knot in your biceps. If you have a bathtub at home, then fill it with warm water and dip into it to get rid of the knot. For best results, add some salt into the water.



Drink lots of water to get rid of the excess lactic acid build up in your body. Water is the medium of transferring nutrients and taking out toxins from your body. The excess lactic acids build up and extra protein, which is left unutilized, causes toxins in the body. This is believed to be the cause for spasms and knots. Hence, drinking lots of water would make sure that toxins are flushed out of your body causing the knot to disappear.


Acupressure is a Chinese technique that uses putting pressure to heal on some nerve points of the hand and feet that are connected to different parts of the body. However unless you have taken a few classes in the field, it would be better to visit a acupressure specialist.