How To Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars (with Pictures)

There is not one person in the world who appreciates being disturbed at night and scars on body. A mosquito does that to you. When a mosquito bites you, your body produces histamine as an automatic response of its immunity system. Histamine instigates an inflammatory reaction in the body. This is why you get a red bump when a mosquito bites you. This red bump becomes itchy. If left alone, this red bump will go away on its own leaving no scar behind.

Ironically, the scratching of the wound leaves a scar behind. When you scratch the wound, there is further inflammation that also can turn infectious due to interaction of bacteria transmitted from your hands or fingers. If the scratching is continued, it can also lead to a phenomenon called dark pigmentations that makes the scars even more visible. If you have a scar from the mosquito bite, it could take anywhere between one to six months for the scars to heal depending on the size of the scar and your immune system. If you want to get rid off a scar, then visiting a skin specialist would be the best idea. However, there are some ways listed here which can help you in getting rid off the scar.

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is the best form of anti-inflammatory agent available naturally. If you have an access to aloe Vera plant nothing like it. Pluck a stem from the plant and peel of the outer skin. Scrap out the jelly and apply it on the affected area. Keep doing it for a few days till the scars go away. Aloe vera is not only anti-inflammatory it also reduces the itching sensation caused by the insect bite. It is also anti bacterial. If you do not have access to an aloe vera plant you can buy aloe very from the supermarket but remember to buy aloe very jelly only.



Apply sun block cream on the bite as it gives you protection from the sun and does not let it become dark. Sun block cream is also ant-inflammatory.

Do not scratch


A mosquito bite causes a inflammatory reaction due to which there is a red bump. There is a lot of itchiness. No matter how much the craving do not scratch the bite. It does not only add to the inflammation but also can cause an infection to the area. Scratching is the primary reason for a scar on the body after a mosquito bite.


If you have aspirin, you can either rub it on the affected area in a powdered form or mix it in water and apply it like a paste on the wound.

Various Lotions

When you get a mosquito bite, you can use various forms of lotions available in the market that are rich in Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter. Vitamin E oil and cocoa butter are known to contain anti-inflammatory agents. However it would be best to consult a skin specialist before you apply any cream on the bite. Some chemicals of the cream may interact with the bite negatively leaving a scar behind. Calamine lotions are know to reduce the itchiness but it is said that pregnant woman should not be using the lotion. You can also try a lotion that has antihistamine compounds. There are many anti itching available in the market. However ask an expert before you apply any of these creams.

Baking Soda

baking soda

After a mosquito bite you may have dead skin cells which can cause the scar to remain on the body. You can apply baking soda to remove the dead skin cells. You can either apply baking soda powder directly or mix it with equivalent water and apply it like a paste on the bite.

Scrub the Dead Cells Out.

Another suggestion could be to remove the dead cells is to scrub out the dead cells using a scrub. However, do it only once the wound is completely healed. You can use scrubbing towels to remove the dead cells.

Hydrate the Bite as Much as You Can

Hydrating the wound would ensure that the dead cells come out quickly leaving no scar behind. To hydrate the area you can use vitamin E oil or coconut butter.


Using ice is the quickest way to heal the scar from a mosquito bite. It also acts as anti-inflammatory. The ice also minimizes the chance of a scar remaining on your body after the bite. Wrap a clean towel over the ice and keep it on the affected area. Ice also reduces the itchiness and reduces swelling caused by the bite.


Tea tree oil

Tea has a natural substance, which acts as an astringent thus pulling out the liquid from the bite. Apply tea bags on the wound for best results. You can also use tea tree oil for getting rid off the scar.



Vinegar is anti bacterial and reduces the chance of any bacteria formation on the wound. Mix few drops of vinegar in a bowl of water and apply it on the wound using a cotton soaked into the solution.


Onions for Acne Bumps

Onions are known to be anti-inflammatory and thus can be used on the bite to get rid of the scar caused by the bite. It also reduces itching.


honey for black spots

Applying honey on the wound can also prevent you from bacteria getting into the wound as it is naturally anti bacterial. Moreover, honey is also anti-inflammatory.