How To Get Rid of Muscle Knots

Some muscle knots are only irritations while others can be quite intolerable. Muscle knots which are intolerable are referred to as muscle spasms and there are particular treatments for them. This write-up is about minor knots and the irritations they cause. Muscle knots are stiff muscles. In medical parlance, they are called myofascial trigger points. Most of the remedies presented here relate with relaxing the muscles. You should understand that the remedy to muscle knots is relaxation.

  1. Massage is the most tested and genuine method of treating muscle knots. If the affected muscles are accessible to you such as arm and leg muscles, you can do the massaging by yourself. However, it is best that you consult a skilled massage therapist.
  2. Another excellent way to treat muscle knots is by stretching. The muscles should be warmed up a little before you begin to stretch. Stretch and maintain it for twenty seconds. It is not good practice to “bounce” on a stretch. Find yourself a good book that talks about stretching. Many of such books are available. Tai Chi and Yoga are also great for learning the techniques of stretching and discipline to carry it out.
  3. One great way to eliminate muscle knots is to identify the root cause of the problem. Did you recently start a new activity? Anything monotonous? Maybe the slant of your screen? It may also be because of the manner with which you sprawl in a chair!
  4. Altering the positions at which you do things and taking mini breaks regularly is an excellent way to stop muscle knots from developing at the outset. Understand that repetition is not good for you and have your activities designed in such a way that the repetition is broken.
  5. Several ailments can be cured by doing exercise and muscle knots happen to be one of them. People who are physically fit usually have less muscle problems. Having stated this, return to the third solution and find out if your exercise routine is the cause of the problem or it may be repetitive. Change your routine and try something new. Too little exercise is the cause of most muscle knots.
  6. Taking a warm shower is another good method of curing muscle knots. Taking a bath helps to keep you relaxed.
  7. Certain medications which you can purchase over the counter or which have been prescribed by your physician help to relieve muscle knots. You should only use medicines if the other solutions do not work and the above given suggestions, do not solve your problems. Take these drugs when you are about to go to bed because they can make you feel drowsy. Kava kava is an example of a natural relaxant.
  8. Eating a balanced diet and taking supplements can help relieve knots. At times, they are signs of potassium or calcium deficiency. Your diet should be healthy and varied.
  9. If the knots give you severe back pain, you should consult your doctor. If your chest muscles feel stiff, talk to your doctor immediately to ensure that you are not about to have a heart attack or some other severe heart problems.