How To Get Rid of Mycosis Fungoides

Mycosis Fungoides can be fatal. It is a type of a lymphoma or blood tumor. Men are more prone to getting this disease than women. Though why it happens is still unknown, there are any treatments that have been proven successful against fighting this problem. This disease is not contagious and there for you need not worry if you come in contact with somebody who does have Mycosis Fungoides.

One of the main problems about this problem is that nothing can completely cure you of Mycosis Fungoide. If the problem is mild, then it can still be treated properly, but if it is to major, then it can be difficult to treat it. Most of the treatments used to treat Mycosis Fungoids is also used to treat cancer.

It mostly affects the skin of the person, but if not treated for long, it can progress internally which can be extremely dangerous for the person. The most commonly used and most effective treatments of this problem are listed in the following:

1) Photodynamic Therapy: It uses methyl aminolaevulnic acid to treat Fungoides of Mycosis. The cream of the acid is applied on the skin and then dressed. This treatment is one of the most successful treatments of the disease.

2) Chemotherapy: This is one of the most commonly used treatments for Mycosis Fungoide. It uses drug to kill the tumor or to stop it from dividing and thus spreading. Topical Chemotherapy is also included here, it uses nitrogen mustard or bis-chloroethylnitrosourea.

3) Radiation Therapy: Exposure to high energy rays often helps control the condition or kill the tumor. The Total Skin Electron Beam is used to treat the skin problem. The effected skin all over the body is treated with the help of electrons.

4) Biological Therapies: These are very commonly used to treat Mycosis Fungoides. Interferon is one such therapy. The immune system is used to fight the tumor. The immune system is given a boost so that the body can protect itself against the tumor.

5) Targeted therapy: It is used to identify the cells that are causing the problem and are then targeted to avoid harming other normal cells. Monoclonal antibody therapy and histone deacetylase are types of targeted therapy that are used against Mycosis Fungoide.

6) Topical corticosteroids: It helps the red, inflamed and swollen skin to go back to normal. These are steroids that are applied on the skin through creams and lotions etc.

It is very important to get your Mycosis Fungoide treated well otherwise it can be fatal. People with fungoides of Mycosis can have a rash for many years. Though there is no guarantee, it can be treated to some extent and may never come back.

The most typical symptoms for Mycosis Fungoides are rash like lesions or patches. As it can often be misdiagnosed, you have to be very careful while getting your treatment. Misdiagnosis of a disease can be very dangerous as the treatment may cause the actual problem to get worse. Though it may never go away completely it can be helped to a certain extent.