How To Get Rid of Myxoids Cyst

Myxoid cysts is skin disease. It usually happens on the fingers, toes and near nails of the hands or feet. A rounded bump is formed on the finger and is filled with a yellowish fluid. The rut formed is often painful and cause you a lot of trouble. It is best to take care of it in its early stages before it becomes too painful and needs to be operated upon.

It generally happens to at those areas that are being rubbed against too much and areas that had been previously damaged. It also happens if you have a too much mucopolysaccharides in your skin. There are many ways of treating the Myxoids cysts disease. Though a little painful, it is effective and needs to be done.

Myxoid Cyst

Some of the best ways of treating a Myxoid Cyst are:

  1. Repeated Puncture: Repeated puncture is the simplest of all methods. You have keep puncturing the cyst still the time it stops coming out. You have to do t with a sterile needle that helps in squeezing out its contents.
  2. Cryosurgery: It is also one of the most frequently used treatments of a myxoid cyst. Liquid Nitrogen is used to freeze the cyst and then it is removed. Freezing the cysts make removing the cyst easier.
  3. Reducing the volume of the cyst: This is done repeatedly till the time the cyst stops growing. A silicon gel sheet can be used to squeeze out the contents of the Myxoid cysts.
  4. Injecting Steroids: Injecting Steroids into the cyst is also a very widely used methods. It is one of the less painful methods of getting your cysts removed.

Though slightly painful, these methods are the best for curing yourself of Myxotid Cysts. If you notice a depression or discoloration of your nail and small bumps growing near the nail, seek help from doctors immediately. Some of the remedies for cysts that do not require surgery are:

  • Local heat, massages : These are also used as treatment when it comes to this disease. If you do not want to visit a doctor, then you can use a salve or plaster to cure your cysts. But this only should be done if the cyst is not too painful or big. Soaking the cyst can also give you relief.
  • Striking it with a large book is also a useful if unconventional way if removing a cyst. However, you must not try it by yourself because it can cause unintentional trauma.
  • Heparin cream is very effective on these cysts. It is only useful if the cyst is not too problematic.

It is up to you to decide whether to consult a doctor or not. But it is always better to seek medical attention to avoid any problems later. If ignored, something small can also cause a lot of unwanted trouble. It is better to seek medical help earlier than to go through painful procedures later. Myxoid cysts are easily cured and you need not worry if you do get one.