How To Get Rid of Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is one of the easiest to get addicted to. This addictive drug causes alterations to the brain and will remind you to consume nicotine as often as possible. For those of you who have tried to kick the habit, you know exactly how nearly impossible quitting can be. With nicotine being addictive, withdrawal symptoms are apparent when you try to quit. There is no need to be discouraged because it is definitely possible to quit this clingy habit.

Announce Your Goals

Make sure that people around you are aware that you are trying to quit. This is not only for moral support but simply because most people do not quit to help themselves. Many try to quit for their family members or young children who may be affected by smokers. You will find that those who really care about your health will encourage your efforts and remind you when you are weak.

Be realistic

For any daunting task, there needs to be an end result, and a deadline. Make sure to give yourself too much time to quit because your mind has adjusted to the nicotine cravings. Tell yourself when you will be having your last cigarette. This may help you to wind down the gradual process and you may notice yourself clinging to your last stick. This can actually be a good step because as you are smoking less to preserve your pack, you are inadvertently taking in less nicotine.
Have Good Reasons to Quit

At times, your brain will tell you that you should give in to nicotine cravings. A great way to combat this is to list your motivations for quitting. Use this list to remind you why you are quitting. Many people have different reasons to quit so make sure you understand why you are quitting.

Keep a Good Environment

It can be tempting to get back on the stick when you still do activities that you did when smoking. Drinking coffee, for example, is a smoking trigger that can break your efforts. Be aware of any smoking triggers such as friends who smoke, or alcohol.

Say Goodbye to Anything Related

Nicotine does not only affect your physical addictions, but it plays on your psychological holds. Many who smoke find it difficult to avoid thinking about smoking and suddenly, everything you see reminds you of smoking. Make sure to throw away any and all reminders that are around you. This can include ashtrays, lighters, or matches.

Nicotine Substitutes

Many may find it too hard to quit cold turkey so replacement drugs are also commonly used. There are nicotine patches that give a controlled dose of nicotine to help cope with withdrawal symptoms. Another option is nicotine gum, which releases a minor dose of nicotine to your mouth tissues.
Whether you make small changes like eating healthy snacks instead of smoking, or try something new like hypnotherapy, it is always important to have the support of ex-smokers who have been in your position, to give you some moral support. It is also encouraging to be proud of yourself even if you managed to steer away from just one cigarette.

When various approaches to quitting cigarette smoking fail, substance abuse counseling just might do the trick.