How To Get Rid of Pink Eye

By Subodh / November 20, 2011

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is one of the most common afflictions that people suffer with in their eyes. You go to bed one night feeling fine and the next morning you cannot open your eyes because they are glued shut with the eye matter that was produced overnight. When you get the eye open it looks painfully red and irritated. Your affected eye will be very sensitive to light and will burn and itch simultaneously. It is a very unpleasant condition to have.

The condition of pink eye is actually conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is the medical term for the inner membranes of your eyelid becoming inflamed and irritated. Many things can cause this condition including bacterial infections, viral infections, being exposed to harmful chemicals that burn the eyes or being exposed to other contaminants. There is really no reason to become majorly concerned when you develop pink eye.

Pink Eye do to Allergen Contaminants

Some people are allergic to dust and to animal dander. In some people these irritants make them sneeze and in some people the irritants will make them develop pink eye. In order to recover from this type of pink eye you have to remove the irritants and try to avoid coming in contact with them in the future.

Viral Pink Eye

Viral pink eye requires that you see a doctor for treatment. It will eventually run its course and get better but the cause of viral pink eye can sometimes be a weakened immune system and sometimes this is a sign of a corneal infection. You need to let your eye doctor determine what is causing the problem and tell you the best method of treatment.

The eye doctor may prescribe you antibiotics that you will either take orally or that you will need to put in your eye. They can also prescribe you some soothing eye drops that will stop the painful burning and itching associated with this condition.

Please remember that viral pink eye is contagious and try not to spread the infection to others.

Chemical Pink Eye

When you have pink eye that has been caused by your eyes being exposed to a chemical substance that irritated the eyes then you need to make certain that you avoid coming into contact with that chemical again. You also need to see a doctor to make certain that the chemical did not do lasting damage to your eyes. Only a doctor can tell you this.

The doctor can prescribe you some ointment that will soothe your eyes. They will more than likely also tell you that you need to wear an eye patch or protective covering until the chemical burn has healed. You will need to be careful with your eyes after this and you will have to also see the doctor again in order to make certain your eyes have healed properly and no lasting effects have been caused by the chemicals.

If you think you have pink eye it is better for you to see a doctor and find out what caused the condition.