How to Get Rid of Pins And Needles

By Subodh / August 25, 2011

Everyone has felt pins and needles at one point in our lives and it is a common and normal occurrence when you sit in the same position for too long, but what happens when this feeling doesn’t go away and it keeps on staying with you for quite a while? Well, in this case you are probably experiencing more serious problems, but first let’s see what exactly happens when you get pins and needles.

Details about pins and needles

The idea is very simple, there are a lot of nerve endings in most of our body and when you lean against one part of your body for too long those nerve endings get deprived of blood because the natural flow is to actually go to other, more important areas, the nerves are numbed and until the blood flow is restarted, they are not transmitting the electrical signals that transmit feeling. The sudden rush of blood causes the pins and needles feeling and sometimes, this sudden rush of blood is longer and more sustained, which in turn is related to the constant and regular pins and needles feeling.

Efficient treatment

Of course, the easiest way to cure the feeling is to sit or stand in a normal position in which blood flow is not obstructed and wait for a couple of seconds and the feeling should go away. However, of the feeling lasts for a couple of minutes even after you have moved to a normal position there are a couple of simple things that you can do to decrease that amount of time.

If the sensation is in your limbs you can rock your head from side to side to increase blood flow and to easily and painlessly regain sense in your affected body parts. If the sensation is in your arms or legs make sure to try and move your affected body part slowly and then faster until the feeling goes away. This could be uncomfortable or even a bit painful, but this hastens the process and you will feel great in a minute.

Often times, if the pins and needles feeling is very acute you can run a bit of warm water over the affected area or body part in order to decrease the pain sensation and to hasten the recovery of the nerves. This should help the entire process and provide with a bit more comfort.