How To Get Rid of Snoring

You must know at least one person in your life that snores so loud you thought it was Paul Bunyan in your bed. The worst case is when you have multiple people in your house who suffer this same problem.

The worse the snoring problem the more chance that it is a result of a sleeping or breathing disorder. Sleep apnea is one huge concern and there are other problems that cause snoring. Therefore, you should really find a way to get rid of snoring as soon as possible.

Here are some ways to get rid of snoring, depending on the cause (i.e. Weakened throat muscles, misformed jaw, excess alcohol use, respiratory problems):

1. Sit upright, or flat (but not partially upward).

Either prop yourself up with the pillows to sit upright, or take away your pillows completely. Either way your upper respiratory system would work better than if only your neck and not your whole back was propped up.

2. Sleep on your side, and not your back.


This will help lessen the amount of pressure that you would put on your spine and neck muscles. The only exception is if you already sleep on your side and you still snore.

In this case, you would be obviously doing the opposite-choosing to sleep on your back versus your site. The whole concept is to just change your position that will better encourage proper air flow.

It depends on how you position your body as far as which of these two ways works the best. Whatever you do, never lay on your stomach and/or with your head facing down. This can worsen your breathing problems.

3. Stop using tobacco/smoking cigarettes.


The more you smoke the more chance you have of having phlegm or other substances obstruct your air flow. If you want to clear your respiratory tract you are advised to stop smoking as soon as possible.

Of course, the additional benefit of smoking cessation is that your whole health is improved. You can prevent possibility of upper respiratory cancer and tumors.

4. Seek doctor’s consultation as soon as possible.


If you or your partner notices that you are having trouble breathing and it is the main cause of snoring, see a doctor. You should seek help as soon as possible just in case you have trouble breathing due to a sleep disorder. You could even save your life when you see a doctor because you can receive proper treatment.

5. Seek alternative medicinal treatment.

Breathing problems and snoring could even be the side effect of a prescription or non-prescription medicine. Just in case this could be the cause of your night-time breathing problems, consult your doctor. It may be time to seek alternative options for medicinal treatment.

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Importance of Receiving Treatment

When you receive treatment for snoring you improve your whole quality of life. For instance, you are able to sleep better as you will be less likely to wake yourself up in the middle of the night.

Your relationships will improve as well because you will not keep other people up in the middle of the night. There are many reasons to seek a way to get rid of snoring as soon as possible.