How To Get Rid of Sore Feet

By Subodh / July 22, 2011

Many of the shoes that are sold to the public today are very unique and stylish. However, they are often not very comfortable and can even cause pain to people who later have to learn how to get rid of sore feet.

The main reason for the fact that so many types of shoes cause soreness is because they are not made with proper foot support in mind. The soles and insoles may be made of a stiffer material that does not cushion the feet when a person walks, or the shoe itself is made from non-durable materials.

On the contrary, if you want to get rid of sore feet here is what you can do:

  • Invest in a more durable shoe that provides proper shock support. This is especially important if you intend to walk many miles in the shoes. This is also very important if you stand in one place for long times at work, such as when you are working in a factory.
  • Wear gel or other insole inserts inside your shoe. Even a pair of ordinary sneakers or dress shoes can be made more comfortable just by inserting a gel or similar supportive insert. It is usually positioned in your shoe in the same way as your foot. Ideally, there should be a raised middle in the insole so that the arch of your foot is just as cushioned as the heels or toes. Dr. Scroll’s or Good Feet are two popular brands of insoles offered in varying materials.
  • Take frequent breaks, when possible. Most people who work jobs where they will be on their feet or walking around most of the day are at least given one or two breaks. However, if you have feet that are easily susceptible to pain you may want to ask your supervisor to sit down periodically for a minute or two during slow times. Even a few minutes of relief every few hours can do wonders for your feet if they are sore
  • Soak your feet or receive regular foot massages. Soaking in a hot bath of plain water or a salt water solution can do wonders for your feet. Epsom salt is one substance often used for this purpose. If you are lucky enough to get a foot rub from a gracious significant other as well, take advantage of that or schedule a periodic professional massage.
  • Exercise regularly, including foot muscles. As long as your daily foot stretching, aerobic, and resistance exercise program includes routines that keep your foot muscles toned and lubricated it will lessen possibility of sore feet. You can even lie in your bet and move your toes up and down just like you would if you were saying “bye-bye” to a baby with your hand. This warms up your muscles in a way that will keep them from becoming stiff, tight, and sore.

More Suggestions

If your feet are swollen or inflamed for some reason such as in the case of some diabetic patients you may want to get specialized shoes. This will allow you to walk around with more ease without causing excess pain to yourself.

You are also advised to get regular doctor checkups. This will ensure that your foot problems are not the result of a more serious condition.