How To Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Muscle soreness can be caused by a number of different things. Most of the time it is caused by over exertion of the muscles. There is no need to go to a doctor is you are suffering from sore muscle unless the pain is so intense and strong that you cannot bear it. Muscle soreness is a condition that will subside or go away completely in just a few days time. The number one thing you can do for muscle soreness is to give it time and to identify why you are experiencing muscle soreness to begin with. There are a few at home treatment options that you can try to ease your pain in the meantime.

  • Pain Reliever- There are a number of over the counter pain relievers that will help take the sting out a muscle soreness. You can choose ibuprofen or you can opt for acetaminophen. You should try to take a pain reliever that contains an anti inflammatory to help ease the pain and the cause of the muscle soreness you are experiencing.
  • Massage The Area– Try having a friend, family member, or your spouse rub and massage the area that is sore. Have them massage the area in a counter clockwise motion. Apply varying degrees of pressure to see what feels the best to you. Getting a professional massage is sure to take away muscle soreness. Regardless of who you get to give you a massage, a massage can work out some of the stiffness that is causing you muscle soreness to begin with
  • Alternate Hot And Cold Compresses- You can also try to apply a hot compress to the area that is causing you pain for a period of about fifteen minutes. Once sufficient time has passed you can then opt to apply a cold compress to the same area for fifteen minutes also. The hot and cold should relieve your pain. You should do these everyday until your pain subsides. Adding ice to your cold compresses can not only help keep them cold for a longer period of time, the ice can reduce any swelling or inflammation that may be the cause of your muscle soreness.
  • Soak– Take a nice long hot bath that last for at least twenty minutes. You can opt to get into the bath tub, steam shower, or hot tub. Spending time in any of these places will help relieve your pain. The heat can do wonders for sore muscles.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medications- If you are experiencing unbearable pain you can ask your doctor to prescribe you an anti-inflammatory medication that will ease the swelling that is causing the muscle soreness to begin with.
  • Common Sense– Before any kind of physical activity you should stretch. Stretching can help limber up your muscle to ensure that you do not receive an injury or sore muscles in the first place. You should also be sure that you get plenty of rest when suffering from muscle soreness. The extra rest can help you heal faster.