How To Get Rid of Sore Nipples

Sore or sensitive nipples can be hard to deal with, especially if you have a partner who is attracted to you and wants to appreciate them. You can learn how to get rid of sore nipples and enjoy a more fulfilling, romantic, and fun time during intimate moments-which can be a challenge for new parents.


One of the main causes of sore or sensitive nipples is motherhood. A pregnant or breastfeeding woman may experience this problem as a result of milk buildup. It also is the increased sizes of the breasts in general that often results in a woman experiencing sensitivity, especially during foreplay.

sore nipples

If you want to get rid of sore nipples or nipples sensitivity here are some ideas:

  • Apply a cold compress. Try a cloth soaked in ice water, or even an ice cube or piece of frozen food. This item placed on your nipple before feeding or intimacy would help immensely. You are also advised to trade off breasts when feeding to give each one of your nipples a break.
  • Use a moisturizer. For instance, a lotion with cocoa or shea butter can soften your nipple. The same result can come from using olive oil on this most precious skin. You can do this before or after pregnancy.
  • Apply milk to your nipples. It could either be the breast milk or regular cow milk, depending on if you are pregnant or not. This is yet another way to soften this area of your body no matter what the occasion.
  • Wash your breasts regularly. Of course, you should every time you shower. It helps to gently wipe them off after each feeding as well. This will prevent contamination. The same is true for if you are preparing for a romantic evening with your lover.
  • Get a doctor’s examination. This will ensure that the problem with your nipples is not more serious. Otherwise, if it is ignored a tumor or cancer could even develop. Never neglect breast problems or you could regret it later on.
  • Use a hair dryer. This especially would work on moist nipples after you just stepped out of the shower. Make sure you wipe your hands and the rest of your body dry to avoid electrocution. Then, plug in your hair dryer and put it on the lowest setting possible. It should also be on the lowest drying speed, as to not chap your nipples but just to gently relieve the soreness.
  • Try using warm tea bags. Some of the ingredients in the tea would help reduce the soreness. You are advised to try a tea blend that has antioxidants in it to help enrich your nipples and ward off any infections or diseases.

Prevention Advice

You can also get rid of sore nipples by preventing the pain in the first place. One thing to do is wear a clean bra.

You should also not wash your nipples with too harsh of a soap because this can dry them out, and especially if you are a mother rest frequently. You are also advised to drink plenty of fluids and examine your breasts for up to three minutes once a week or so.