How To Get Rid of Stitch Marks

They say you have not had an active childhood if you do not have a stitch mark. Whether you have a stitch mark that you got in your childhood or recently, they can be at the wrong places and could possibly make you uncomfortable. While most of them are generally in places that do not really matter, few stitch marks may be at a place that makes you self-conscious. Therefore, if you have a stitch mark that makes you uncomfortable and you want to get rid off them, here are a few options that you might want to try.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is known to heal many types of scars because of its ability, to not only moisturize the upper layer of your skin but also the dermis layer. Cocoa butter is fat extracted from cocoa seeds and it melts at body temperature, which can be easily absorbed by your skin. Since it goes in the dermis layer of your skin, it is able to retain the moisture of the fat. Its unique properties make it one of the best options to lessen the scars you have got from any injury not just stitches.

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment
If the stitch marks are protruding or making a dent on the affected area, then you might want to go for the option of laser treatment. Laser burns the upper layer of the skin tissue where there is a scar. Once the upper layer is burnt, the fresh skin automatically starts developing. However, you might need more than one sitting to really get rid off the scar or lessen it, as in every sitting a part of the upper layer of your skin tissue is burnt near the affected area and then new skin tissue is formed, which may be time consuming. Lastly, there are two downsides to this treatment. Firstly, it is expensive and secondly you might face some side effects like inflammation of the skin due to burning of the tissue.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery may be the last resort if the stitch marks are too big. However, do not expect the scars to go away completely. Most often than not, you might get rid off the old scar but you might get a new one. However, most probably the new one might be a better scar than the old one. This is because plastic surgeons try as much as possible to hide the scar along the natural dent or curve of your face or the affected part. Secondly, plastic surgeons close the stitches in two layers of your skin against a normal surgeon. The stitches are actually in the lower layer of the skin, which is dissolvable and they put fine stitches or glue on the upper layer, which is much better than those big stitch marks you might currently have. However, weigh your options well before going for the plastic surgery, as this is a very expensive option and may come with some side effects.


If you do not want to go for such expensive options, then you can opt for the home remedy like exfoliating your skin with a scrub. Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin cells around the scar and lets the new skin tissue to be formed. Moreover, it lets your skin breathe and opens the clog. This is a very prudent idea if you have dark patches around the scar caused due to closing of the pores. Moreover, massage your skin with creams and scrub to increase the blood circulation around the affected area. If there is blood circulation in and around the scar area, it will be healed more quickly. This process may be time consuming but it is a very safe way to get rid off the stitch mark. However, make sure that you do this only once the skin is 100 percent healed and stitches have been removed. In the beginning, you might need to be extremely gentle and you can raise the intensity of the massage as the days pass.


Dermabrasion is a type of a surgery on your skin typically performed by a trained doctor or a dermatologist. It sands away the upper layer of the skin using abrasive devices like wire brush, diamond wheel, sterilized sandpaper and/or salt crystals. The advantage of this surgery is that it does not only work on the upper most layer of the skin but also goes deep into the epidermis. However, there is a big negative to this type of treatment. Since it goes into the epidermis and it is like sand blasting your face, it may lead to a lot of bleeding and even leaving its own scar. In some cases, it also leads to discoloration of your skin. Therefore, consult a dermatologist before going for this option.