How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks from Pregnancy

By Subodh / June 16, 2011

The experience of motherhood is one of the most exciting and empowering times in a woman’s life. The nurturing process of pregnancy and the miracle of giving birth have been entrusted to women only. While the birthing process can affect fathers significantly, the mothers not only have emotional changes throughout the nine months, but also go through bodily changes that are not as welcomed as the baby. Stretch marks are one of the most common problems of new mothers and there are many ways to work on them.

The Dual Growing Process

The process of a belly growing can be the most special time in a mother’s life. But during this miraculous time, pregnancy can leave stretch marks and the skin can only stretch so much before tears in the dermis occur. This inner layer of the skin ruptures from the prolonged stretching. These scars form in other areas of the body just the same as the belly. Another debatable contributing factor is the amount of water in the skin. During pregnancy, hormones attract more water to the skin; thereby making it more prone to damage. Marks grow in a variety of skin tones, depending on your skin color. Regardless of the color, women are adamantly looking to remove these unsightly marks.

Options to Remove Stretch Marks

There is still not a sure fire way to rid stretch marks for good. But there are ways to avoid worsening the scars, and ways to treat such marks. It is essential to nourish your skin after the stretching and breaking with creams such as those with Vitamin E and cocoa butter. The latter has been mentioned for its ability to sink into deep layer of the dermis. Cocoa butter and other lotions are most effective when applied as early as stretch marks may appear.

Usually, we are trying to find ways to completely block the damage of the sun. But for stretch marks, regulated sun tanning may help to reduce or even eliminate the visibility of stretch marks. Of course, it is still recommended to apply appropriate sun block to avoid more damage to your skin.

Start Removal Process Early

For more serious cases of stretch marks, there are cosmetic procedures that can be performed after pregnancy. A procedure such as a chemical peel, can remove layers of skin to reveal a smoother surface. It can also help with varying skin colors or spots. Another way to fight stretch marks is laser surgery. While this is more complicated compared to peels, it is regarded as the most effective way to reduce the look of stretch marks. This procedure removes scars by utilizing a laser beam to remove thin layers of skin. Other procedures such as abdominoplasty and microdermabrasion are also an alternative to peels or laser surgery.

Time is of the Essence

All procedures can only be performed only after mothers have given birth. Any procedure to reduce stretch marks can bring more or less effective results, but they are most beneficial when done as soon as the stretch marks appear.

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