How To Get Rid of Sugar Addiction

Sugar is not referred to as a real addiction. This is because despite having similar signs to other addictions, it does not exhibit withdrawal. It exhibits itself as more of a craving than an addiction. Sugar is one of the high calorie foods that the human body adapted to very fast. When there is scarcity of food, the body will naturally crave for sugars.

Good news

The best news is that sugar addiction is among the best of cravings as it is one that is easy to beat. When trying to beat the condition, one has to handle the issue systematically to handle the situation. The first and best is to determine the source of sugar.

Understanding the impact that taking too much sugar brings can provide needed help in preventing sugar addiction. Sugar has been associated with plenty of health risks such as Obesity, bad teeth, bad breath, and diabetes. Its high calorie link associates it with obesity. Cutting back on sugar intake is a healthy proceeding and one that is easy to to get rid of the sugar-addiction

The steps to getting rid of sugar addiction is

  1. The first step is adding less sugar in drinks. Taking it back to a teaspoon from 2 teaspoons of sugar in your tea is a start. When making other recipes, you should also cut down from using full sugar options to lesser amount of sugar options. With the gradual reduction, the taste buds get accustomed to the new tastes.
  2. Identify your main sugar addiction sources and learn to say no when offered these instead of opting to take just a little bit of the delicacy. Saying no to the delicacy will help you kill your addiction to them.
  3. Substituting fruit juices to puree is worth considering. Juices may be sweet but remembering the idea is to reduce sugars will help you embrace puree. Puree works great at baking while allowing for the reduction of fats used but yet maintaining great flavors of the baking.
  4. Sodas are easy drinks to substitute. For a healthy life, it is easy to get off the sugar full drinks and run to diet drinks, which have less sugar. Taking in club soda and tonic water will provide great help in cutting down on sugars without having to experience cravings.
  5. Using natural sweeteners as substitutes to sugars when baking or on drinks like tea is good. The natural sweeteners can be used in small amounts while helping in keeping a healthy routine
  6. Finding diabetic recipes is a step to taking in healthy diets. You can easily get these through use of diabetic recipes cookbooks available in the market.

Taking in activities to keep busy like participating in workout or other engaging activities is good. Boredom is the main drive to eating sugar foods thus meaning that if one can get meaningful activities, one will be busy with the right activities to participate.