How To Get Rid of Undereye Circles

By Subodh / October 8, 2011

Dark under eye circles can ruin even the best look and they make your face look old and tired. There are expensive treatments you can undergo to get rid of them, but there are some effective, low-cost remedies as well.

Bad news first: you probably don’t have much of a control over under eye circles. The number one reason for circles appearing is hereditary. And you can’t control your genes. Now, the good news: even if you carry a risk for them or even if you have them, you can do a lot to make circles less pronounced or to completely get rid of them.


Keeping a healthy lifestyle

First, you need to know what makes them worse, and then do the opposite of it. What makes undereye circles darker and more pronounced is lack of sleep, poor diet and stress. You have a control over these factors, so use it. Get enough of sleep, especially during night, and try to rest as much as possible. Eat healthy. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. Try to keep stress at a minimum. These simple steps alone can do wonders for your health and overall well being, not to mention they erase those ugly under eye circles.

So, the key to success is keeping a healthy lifestyle. Water is very important here: you must avoid dehydration at all costs, because it shows quickly and it can make circles under your eyes darker. Try to eat as healthy as possible: you must take all the nutrients your body needs. Forget about caffeine: it can make circles under your eyes more pronounced.

Homemade tricks

There are also some homemade tricks you can use to get rid of under eye circles. You want to keep your skin cool and moisturized. Dehydration is very bad for your skin, so you should keep area under your eyes hydrated. Applying cold on your skin relieves stress and the skin appears fresh. These tricks can make under eye circles less pronounced.

And then, there are well known remedies, such as sliced cucumbers, that can be used to relax your eyes. Use cucumber from a refrigerator and keep slices on your eyes for at least ten minutes. If you don’t want to use cucumber, you could try chamomile tea. Dip tea bags in cold water and place them on your eyes. Keep them for five to ten minutes.

You could also try a gentle eye massage. Use almond oil to gently massage the area around your eyes, with a special attention to skin under your eyes. Use your fingertips and don’t press too hard. Work in circular motions.

How to hide them

These tips will make under eye circles less pronounced. But if you still have them, you can use make up to cover them. Just don’t forget to use the right shade. Before you apply the concealer, apply moisturizer with vitamin E to protect your skin from the make up, which can dry your skin. When you get home, remove the concealer and the rest of your make up as soon as possible. This is also a good time to massage your eye area and to apply homemade remedies.