How To Get Rid of Unwanted Pregnancy

This is quite a controversial topic for students, parents, teachers, single adult women, and couples. There are many differing opinions expressed about how to get rid of unwanted pregnancy.

This article is going to show you an objective as possible of information about the options that are available to you. It does not mean that you have to choose a method that you think is not right or that will be emotionally burdensome for you.

The Challenge

Part of the challenge is that the baby is created by two individuals but that only one of those two individuals carries the child. This can cause some conflict especially if the man actually cares about the woman.

The woman might feel that it is her body and she is the one who has to carry the child and she should have sole say regarding this. However, the man would disagree (if he cares) and say that he is the father that he should have a right to say his peace about the issue.

However, it is not even just about the couple when an unplanned pregnancy occurs. Family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances often want to be in the loop as to what you are going to do if they find out about it.

The Options

This is a tough issue to deal with especially if it involves a teenage couple who is not yet of age. The parents might be upset that the two teens are even having sex in the first place and the entire issue can become a huge message.

To make matters worse, the parents of both of the people who have this unplanned pregnancy may have differing opinions about this issue. In fact, there are times when even if the young woman wants to keep the baby the parents may not support her in doing so.

This is not an easy issue to deal with but here are some tips as well as options for people who are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy:

  • As emotional of an issue as this is, what is done is done. It cannot be taken back. The woman is pregnant and now some very important decisions need to be made.
  • If you know a friend who is pregnant you might want to learn from it. Try to refrain from having sex if you are not ready for the responsibility of having a child.
  • If you are sexually active you really should be using birth control as well as condoms. This can greatly reduce the risk.
  • If you have used protection it sometimes happens that people get pregnant anyway. If this is the case try not to be too hard on yourself, as hard as it might be not to be.

Now for the options

If you are already pregnant and you are quite far along into the first term you mainly have one of three choices:

  1. Keep the baby
  2. Give the baby up for adoption
  3. Terminate the pregnancy

Some thoughts regarding this difficult choice: This can be a very tough decision to make. You feel like no matter what you do it is the wrong decision. You do not feel capable of taking care of a child yet you hate the thought of having to give the child up.

This is not a decision to be taken lightly no matter what choice you make. You should seriously weight the consequences as well as the pros and cons before making your final decision.

If you are not pregnant you have these birth control options, and some are more effective than others:

  1. Condom, female condom, diaphragm (barrier), or penile withdrawal method (man withdraws before he ejaculates into a woman)
  2. Birth control pill or patch (hormonal contraceptive)
  3. Longer-term birth control solutions (i.e. IUD or vagina ring)
  4. Spermicide, sponge, and herbal forms
  5. Emergency contraception (morning after pill)

It usually is far more effective to use birth control before you have sex rather than trying to use emergency contraception. You should also know that the effectiveness rates of herbal contraception are largely unknown.

Thoughts concerning this hard decision: Choosing the right type of birth control is just as hard sometimes as trying to decide what to do about an unwanted pregnancy. However, you really should choose an option of birth control before you ever have sex.

One thing to consider also is that condoms are the best protection against STDs, and no other birth control is meant for this purpose. Often the barrier methods or sponge or female condoms are increased in effectiveness when a spermicide of some kind is combined with it.