How To Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

By Subodh / August 5, 2011

Vaginal odor can be due to a number of reasons. It is first necessary to point out the cause of vaginal odor, and then you should try to get rid of the problem. Vaginal odor can be a cause of embarrassment for a woman while having sex. There is no need to worry, as vaginal odor can be treated and gotten rid of. The problem is that, even in states which are very advanced, women are not very comfortable to talk about these issues.

First, you should find out the reason and then try to treat it:

Vaginal infection: Vaginal infection normally occurs from sexually transmitted diseases. However, there are chances that you get vaginal infection due to unhygienic. Proper vaginal hygiene should be enough if you clean your labia by just water. Vagina is a self cleaning organ, and you need not do too much. But a regular care will help you curb the problem.

Yeast infection: A yeast infection can also cause unpleasant vaginal odor. You can try washing your vaginal area with a solution of vinegar and water. You should avoid having milk, too much of sugar. You can have cider vinegar tablet thrice a day, after meals. This would solve the problem.

Remaining tampon: Make sure that no part of tampons stays inside your vagina. Remaining tampons can also cause foul odor.

Crotch bacteria: Many women can also have vaginal odor due to crotch bacteria. Keeping the crotch area clean and sweat free might help. Try wearing cotton undergarments than synthetic ones. Use cornstarch powder instead of normal talc. Put heavy coats of powder on your crotch before you wear your underwear.

Clear off smegma: You can spot a whitish thing when you pull back the hood of the clitoris. Clear it off gently, and you get rid of vaginal odor. The best way to clean it is to use lukewarm water and wash it off. A lot of women do not know of this, as they never cared to give much attention to such things.

Use body deodorant: Take a can of body deodorant and spray it on the edge of your underwear. Allow it some time to dry before you put them on.

If you see that none of the methods are of help then see a doctor soon. It can also mean some serious gynecological issues. Some medication will be helpful to stop the problem permanently.