How To Get Rid of Warts on Feet

Warts often occur on various parts of the body. However, one of the worst locations to have them is on the bottom of the feet, because they can hurt when you step on them.

People are looking for a way to get rid of warts if they have them on their feet. That way, they can walk easier without feeling so much soreness and discomfort.

How Foot Warts Spread

Foot warts are actually caused by one strand of an HPV virus. Warts are spread by walking in public showers barefoot, by drying off with someone else’s towels, or even wearing someone else’s shoes. It is possible to get these foot warts just about anywhere.


If you feel like one or both of your feet have stones under them it might be a wart. Usually the easiest way to inspect the bottom of your feet is with a mirror and magnifying glass. However, doctor’s intervention is suggested to make sure it is not a worse problem.


After your doctor inspects the bumps on your feet with the magnifying glass, a scalpel will most likely be used. This is done to help pare down the bumps.

The doctor will perform this action after discerning that the warts are not really a callus or a corn. This usually determined after taking a foot tissue sample and/or noticing signs of bleeding.

Available Treatments

Foot warts often are very painful, and the huger they are the worse pain you can experience. Furthermore, warts on the feet can become very easily bruised.

Therefore, medical treatment might be needed to remove them. This is necessary in the event a person really wants to be able to walk properly again.

Cryosurgery – This is a form of freezing also known as cryotherapy. Usually the substance used for this procedure is liquid nitrogen. This procedure is very effective, and it is preferred because it is far more painless than a more invasive and traditional surgery.

Minor surgery – This is more invasive, and could be more painful although anesthesia would be used. In any case, it requires the cutting of war tissue. A close second would be to use an electric needle.

Laser surgery – This is a less invasive than using a traditional knife. However, it can be expensive and mild scarring could occur. On the other hand, this solution is often chosen because the warts may be too large to be removed some other way.

Cantharidian – This is a chemical treatment designed specifically for use on warts. It really does wonders, but does require bandaging up the sores. Be prepared for the possibility of deal with blisters once the bandages are applied.

Home Treatments

One of the most popular home remedies for any kind of warts is to use the duct tape method. This can be a challenge to do on your own feet, so you might want to have someone else do this for you.

Prevention Tips

Always wear clean socks and always use clean towels in a public place. Likewise you should wear shoes in a public pool area.