How To Identify an Effective Drug Rehab Program

Since the 1970s, when drug treatment methods were first introduced into mainstream medical care, research has shown that drug rehab treatment can be an effective tool for helping drug addicts stop consuming drugs, prevent relapse, and learn to lead a normal life again. However, not all treatment plans are effective. According to research on drug rehab programs since the 1970s, there are certain hallmarks of effective drug rehab programs that provide a higher chance for full recovery. Look for these features to find the most effective drug rehab programs for you:

Availability: A drug rehab program that is difficult to get to will provide less-effective results than one that is difficult to find and use. For this reason, in-patient facilities are typically more effective than out-patient facilities and recovery programs. Look for programs that offer availability before treatment, during treatment, and after treatment to help maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Individual treatment: Drug rehab centers that provide one-size-fits-all treatment methods are less likely to produce long-term positive results. Centers that focus on the individual are more likely to foster long-term recovery because they can tailor each recovery program to specific individuals and needs. Look for centers that provide a variety of treatment methods that the center will adjust to suit the unique needs of each patient.

Whole-person treatments: Some drug recovery programs focus on helping an individual recover from drug addiction only. While this can be an effective treatment for a while, if the recovery program does not address the entire person, such as addressing thought processes or emotional triggers that lead to drug abuse, it is likely that the patient will fall into drug abuse again once released from the rehab center. Look for drug rehab centers that address the needs of the individual in all aspects of life.How to Identify an Effective Drug Rehab Programs

Extended treatment lengths: Many drug rehab centers provide treatment on a short-term basis for a period of several days or weeks. Often, this is not enough time for an addict to create new mindsets and the mental fortitude required to face temptations outside of rehab. Because of this, it is important for a drug rehab center to provide enough time to truly heal the patient- in body and in mind. This can often take several months or even longer for severe addictions.

Medical and counseling treatments: One form of treatment is usually not enough. Medical treatments heal the body only, and do not provide resistance for future temptation. Counseling only can help heal the mind, but withdrawal symptoms or cravings may drive an addict back into abusing drugs or starting a replacement habit that is just as damaging to the body.

All of these criteria are an important part of an effective drug rehab treatment plan. Without these aspects, the quality of care may not be enough to promote permanent drug recovery. With a multi-centric approach to drug recovery, a drug rehab center is able to provide patients with the highest chances of full addiction recovery for the rest of their lives.