How To Increase Height in Kids

One of the biggest worries of the parents of the growing kids is whether their kids will grow tall enough or not. There are some kids that start showing signs of growing tall at a very early age while there are many kids that do not grow until very late. Unfortunately, there are some kids that do not grow much tall. The height is determined by many factors. One of the most important factors is genetics. If the parents are tall, it is quite likely that the kids will also grow tall. If one of the parents is short and one is tall the kid could go either way. Several environmental factors also determine how tall your kid will grow. There are many things that are not in our control. However, we can still work on the things that are in our control so that the kids can grow the tallest they could. Until the epiphyseal plate of the kids has not closed they can still grow taller. Here are some tips to maximize the increase in height.

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Keep a Check On What Your Kids Are Consuming

Most of the environmental factors that determine the growth of your kids are out of our control. However, you can still take some precautionary measures to make sure that your kid grows in height to the maximum possible level. For instance, it is highly recommended that the kids in their growing age do not consume caffeine. Caffeine does not affect the growth of height directly but it may disturb the sleeping pattern of your kids. Kids need at least 9 hours of sleep everyday to grow to the fullest. If they are deprived of the sleep they may not grow as tall as you may expect.

Make Sure That Your Kid Sleeps Well

Several studies have shown that the kids in their pre-teens as well as children in early teens need to sleep for at least 9 to 11 hours to ensure maximized growth. The reason is pretty simple. While the kids are sleeping the body grows. Additionally the body continuously regenerates tissues while the kid is sleeping. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for your kid to have a sound sleep. You as a parent will need to ensure that your kid gets the environment conducive to 9 to 11 hours of sound sleep every day. Get your kid into the habit of going to the bed early. It will have two fold impacts. Going to bed early would mean they will have more time to sleep. They will also be able to get up early, which will further make them healthier.

Make Sure Your Kid Is Taking The Right Diet

If you will ensure that your kid is getting the right kind of diet with all the necessary nutrients their height will grow to the maximum. During the growing years your kid needs to consume all the necessary minerals and vitamins that boost the growth. Here are some of the things that you will need to include in your kids’ diet:

  • Ensure that your kid gets to consume plenty of calories and carbohydrates. The body gets all the energy that it needs for growth from calories and carbohydrates. Keeping them in sufficient quantity in the diet will ensure optimized growth of your kid.
  • Another important mineral that your kid needs to have is Calcium. Calcium is known to promote the growth of bones. Growing bones also increase the height of the kids.
  • Consumption of nicotinic acid is also known to boost levels of growth hormone significantly affecting the growth of your kid.
  • Your kid also needs to eat a lot of protein. Proteins are extremely important for the growth of your kid. It is highly recommended that at least two of their meals have rich level of proteins. Proteins are found abundantly in egg, meat, legumes etc.
  • Increase the amount of zinc intake in your kids’ diet. Proper consumption of zinc can significantly improve the growth pattern of your kid. Zinc is commonly found in eggs, peanuts, oysters, chocolates and more.

Physical Activities

Increase Height in Kids

As long as your kids’ epiphyseal plates have not closed they will continue to grow. During their growing years it is extremely important that they are exposed to enough physical activities. Your kid will not go to the gym but he will engage in physical activities that are fun. Make sure that your kid rides bike, goes swimming, plays outdoor games with other kids and more.