How To Prevent The Freshman 15

Going to college is new and exciting. You get to meet lots of new people, discover what your passion is, make career choices, and get away from your parents! In all the chaos of finding which dorm is yours and trying to make yourself go to that 8 AM class you signed up for, you might not be noticing what you are eating. There might be a gym across from the dorms, but working out might not be your thing. So the pounds just pile on and on and on. Before you know it, you have gained the freshman 15! When your Facebook friends stalk you, you don’t want them to see a significant weight gain in your pictures. But between exams, house parties, and study sessions, it is next to impossible to get to the gym even once throughout the week. But there are other ways to avoid those extra 15 pounds. Follow these simple ways to stay fit during college!

1. The most important meal of the day.

Your dad has probably told you a hundred times that coffee isn’t breakfast. He’s right! Make time to eat a well-balanced breakfast. People who eat a hearty breakfast are more likely to weigh less than people who don’t. Intrigued? Good. Consider this as well: your metabolism kick starts the minute you eat breakfast. If you wait too long, your metabolism slows down. Eat as soon as you wake up to get a start on burning calories!

2. Those bittersweet care packages.

Ah, moms. Always sending sweets and goodies. It can be fun at first, but then it just gets to be fattening. Make some ground rules. Lay out a list of healthy snacks that Mom and Dad can send that won’t add on any extra pounds. Dried fruit, nuts, crackers, etc. Nothing with sugar!


3. The cafeteria is your enemy.

Okay, not really. Don’t go skipping meals. That is super unhealthy and it will just slow your metabolism down even more! But you need to be cautious of your portion sizes. Sure, they have healthy stuff like cereal and fruits, but if you have two huge bowls full of food, it doesn’t even out as a well-balanced meal. Do things like put your cereal in a coffee cup. This is the correct serving size, believe it or not! Make your salad the main course. This is crucial! Vegetables are your friend. That Chick Fil A in the corner of the cafeteria is not.

4. Steal.

Not from a store! From your cafeteria. Grab some of the extra fruit they have and keep it in your dorm room. That way, when you get hungry, you will have a healthy snack lying around.

5. Don’t be the winner of the Coke challenge.

Soda. Is. So. Bad. For. You. You’ve probably heard this a hundred times but it really is! Say yes to water. Say no to soda. Simple as that.

6. Say no to buns.

When you are at tailgate, you want to have fun and eat hotdogs and hamburgers, and you can! Just skip the buns and you’re golden.

7. Take a walk.

Whether you are tailgating or have some time between classes, go for a stroll. Find some different places to hang out around campus. It’s your college! Make the most of it.

8. Pre-game with water.

When you are about to go to a party, start slow. Drink some water or diet soda to start the night off right. Drinking too much alcohol at first is not only bad for your kidneys, it makes you hungrier as the night progresses.

9. Say no to midnight snacking.

See number 7. If you drink a lot at the beginning of the night, you are more likely to make that run to McDonald’s for some fattening fries. This is a big no-no. Don’t do any late-night snacking. Go to bed instead.

9 1/2. Make a drink. Now pour half of it out.

Alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories. Cutting them in half has a significant impact on your daily calorie intake. Get it…9 1/2!

10. Catch some z’s.

Sleep is a must! College kids are notorious for staying up late studying, partying, or just Facebook stalking. Go to bed at a decent time. Whether it’s finals week or not, get your full eight hours of sleep. It’s important!

Gaining weight is easy to do in college, but with these simple steps, you can avoid the freshman 15!