How To Relieve Itching On Your Stomach During Pregnancy

Do you feel itching on your stomach during pregnancy? Your beautiful stomach is growing, but your skin is not. Whereas skin does have amazing elasticity, there is a limit to how far it can stretch securely, devoid of complaint. The relatively fast pace at which the skin has to stretch can cause irritation. Having a scratchy rash throughout pregnancy can add nervousness to an otherwise demanding time for many women. Hence, today in this article we are telling you best tips to relieve itching on your stomach during pregnancy.

Skin anger is a common problem for many mothers that tend to start around week 23 of pregnancy, when you are actually starting to show, and only seems to get more marked as time passes.

Relieve Itching On Your Stomach During Pregnancy


Itching in pregnancy can be triggered by a few unique diseases linked to being pregnant. Some of them are as follows;

  • Moisture-deprived and dry skin,
  • Rising and falling of estrogen, a pregnancy hormone

Best Tips To Relieve Itching On Your Stomach During Pregnancy:

Now, below we have mentioned the best tips by which you can get relief from the problem of itching on your stomach in pregnancy. They are as follows;

1.Use Mild Soaps Or Gels:

Although you may love the strong smells of soaps and shower gels loaded with perfumed content, it is suitable to get rid of these while you undergo with dry skin. Use soap or shower gel that is mild in perfume and gentle on the skin, as it will help reduce the itchiness to a great extent.

2. Dab On Anti-Itch Cream:

The pink calamine cream your mom put on your chicken pox works in chiefly threatening cases. There are also some

3. Use A Humidifier In Your Bedroom:

It may benefit to retain your skin from lack of moisture but continue with caution, as it can also supper germs and trigger aversions if used incorrectly. Track the manufacturer’s directions about care the machine spic and span, and don’t run it round the clock.

4. Oatmeal Bath:

Indulge in a calming oatmeal bath one time in a while. Oatmeal has been confirmed operative to deal with dry skin conditions. The market is now submerged with oatmeal based soaps that can come to your salvage. A small bag of the oatmeal is flattened into a lukewarm bath for a comforting soak. The oatmeal is crushed into a fine powder, and when that powder mixtures with the water, it makes a fine coating that is smooth on your skin. It also benefits to reestablish the pH balance to your skin.

5. Moisturize:

Select Your Moisturizer Smartly. A light, calm, fragrance-free moisturizer can briefly control the itching and smear it frequently and freely. Take benefit of the moisture on your skin straight after an oatmeal bath or shower, and smear moisturizer whereas your skin is quiet damp. You perhaps have your own favorite, but you can also apply coca butter, Eucerin or Aquaphor, or even honest Vaseline.

6. Drink Amply of Water:

That is the superb rule of pregnancy. It is moral for you and your baby in so various ways, and it can even be dangerous for your baby if you become thirsty. Moisturize from the inside out.

7. Stay Away From Heat:

Heat and sun is believed to raise itchiness on the dry parts of your body. Stay away from walking out in hot weather or sun. The UV rays of the sum also incline to trigger more rashes to a previously dry skin.

8. Avoid Hot Showers or Bath:

It is said that taking bath in very hot water can activate more itchiness. Treat in a warm bath that will benefit to get rid of extreme itchiness.

9. Dry Clothes:

Confirm that you dress clean and dry clothing each day. Clothes rub alongside your skin, meaningfully moving the dryness on the upper layer of the skin. Select for loose outfit to feel lighter. Tight clothing can rub skin, and artificial fabrics like polyester can annoy skin by tricking dirt and sweat following to the skin. Wear breathable cloth like cotton as much as thinkable.

10. No Hot Water:

Resist the urge to take a hot oatmeal bath, or use hot water for your shower. The hot water will strip your skin of its natural oils, making your skin even itchier.

11. Home Remedies:

  • Smear a paste of baking soda and water. This is tough to do on your full belly, but if you have scars of irritation, this works well to relax the itch. When the paste dries, you can just clean it off, and wash.
  • Aloe Vera gel covers active compounds that help the burn heals much more rapidly. Set it on a burn or abrasion and you will be curved on this calming remedy.