How You Can Avoid Common Spinal Injuries Today

By Subodh / December 27, 2013

If there are serious conditions we all fear contracting, spinal cord injury is one of them. Not many people adore the idea of any form of injury especially if that injury could render them immobile if it is left unchecked. The important thing in all this is to find the right healing process if you are already affected and to seek as much information on common spinal injuries as you can to avoid suffering the consequences of the condition. To effectively reduce all the risks related to spinal cord injuries, there are a number of things you can do.

Safe Driving

If you talk to most people with spinal cord injuries or to medical institutions, car crashes and related accidents are the worst causes of these injuries. While driving your car, the most important thing is ensuring you have worn a seat belt each moment you are riding or driving in a vehicle. Ensure the children and any other passenger in the car has used a safety belt, especially a safety seat appropriate to the weight and age of the child. Air bag injuries could also be injuries, especially for children and the most important thing is ensuring kids below age 12 always ride at the back.

Common Spinal Injury

Water Depth Checks

Swimming or diving requires you check the depth of the water before you take a plunge. Ensure you are not diving in any shallow water by avoiding diving in pools unless you are sure the depth is 9 feet and above. Also diving in pools above ground should not be attempted or rushing into the water you have no idea about the depth. (Read more on: How To Avoid The Most Common Swimming Injuries)

Falls Prevention

If you have to reach for items in high places, use a step stool fitted with grab bars while stairways should have handrails. Floors should also have nonslip mats, especially tile floors including the shower and the tub. In case of younger kids, block stairs with safety gates and perhaps install window guards.

Sports Precaution

As you engage in various sports, take precautionary measures as much as possible while at the same time ensuring you have worn safety gear. In sports, you might want to avoid having your head as the leading body part to avoid sliding headfirst in a game such as baseball or ensuring you have not tackled through the use of the helmet’s top in a game of football. In gymnastics, a spotter is much better while learning new moves.

Drunk Driving

If you drink alcohol, have another person drive you home. Intoxicated driving or carrying anyone under the influence of either drugs or alcohol could be dangerous to you and to the passenger. Always ensure you are not riding with a drunk driver.

Copping And Related Support

Remember an accident that ends up in spinal injuries or paralysis will definitely change your life. The patient can be confused and frightened as you wonder how your everyday activities are affected, such as relationships and job.

Find support groups to talk about the condition while following orthopedic doctors advice to the letter so that you can recover fast or learn how to cope and manage the serious condition.