How To Compromise On Design When You Move In With Your Other Half

It’s safe to say that moving in with a partner is no small decision at all. When two people agree to move into a home with one and other, there must be a mutual understanding of the weight of the commitment they are about to embark upon together.

In order for a house to become a home for the both of you, it must be also decorated for the both of you. A house which has been solely decorated with only one half of the partnership’s input will indeed set the foundations for resentment in the relationship. So by working together to style and form a home, a couple can begin to understand household compromise; there will be plenty of it you can be sure! Here are some top do-it-yourself tips to kick start your commitment onto the road of plentiful home-happiness.



Colour is the first point of disagreement when it comes to styling a home together; a danger area for sure. It is not uncommon for one half to prefer soft pastel colours where the other has a penchant for the big & the bold. So, how to overcome this colour-orientated conflict? Look through websites such to find tones which you both agree on; narrowing it down to a shortlist of five or so shades to choose. After making the shortlist put the colours against a neutral wall, to get an idea for how the colours look, and then choose one you both agree on.


Alike colour, style can also be an interesting area. One person may prefer print when one may prefer walking on wooden floor boards, where the other may like the feeling of carpet beneath their feet. To find the best results, flick through design magazines together and pick different pieces of furniture, accessories and layouts independent from each other. After doing so, come together and discuss your choices; making a collage from all the different cut-outs you have gathered from the magazines. From doing this you will understand stylistically where your partner is coming from and just as importantly – how much it costs to put something together that suits the both of you.

Find his & hers spaces

Sometimes to compromise is to create ‘his & hers’ spaces if you have the room in your house. With men, this normally exists in the form of a ‘den’ like area; a place for blokes to come together, drinks some beers, play some PlayStation and make generally lots of mess without being moaned at. With women, this can be an inviting environment to invite the girls over to; a place to curl up on some cosy sofas covered Egyptian cotton to accompany the inevitable glass of bubbly in hand.

If you are struggling to agree….

….hire a mediator! An interior designer will listen to what both sides of the relationship want and then go onto create a vision of what they think the house should look like. From doing this you will both be able to agree on what the designer wants; avoiding resentment towards the other half. If this is the way it has to be done to avoid tears and upset, do it! There is nothing worse than living in a house that you don’t feel comfortable in yourself.

living in a house

As you can see there are a few things to think about when compromising on design when moving in with your other half. Just remember, take your time as to finding what works for the both of you, for this truly is the basis for any healthy relationship.