How To Create Your Own Home Security System

We all want to protect the people and things that we love the most. That is why our homes are supposed to be the safest places on earth. But for some reason, millions of houses are broken into every year. We do what we can to build defences, but not everyone can afford to hire a professional security company to set up and maintain a security system. That does not mean that we have to go without. A DIY security system can be both cheap and easy to create. If you want to know more, here is a guide to help you through the process.

Decide How Far You Want to Go

There are a lot of different levels of security. The extent of the security that you introduce into your home will depend on a few factors. Firstly, how much do you want to spend? Although a DIY system is a lot cheaper than a professional one, it will still cost you more as you add more features. Secondly, you need to decide how hitech you want the system to be. Do you want to have all of your features connected to a single keypad or computer, or do you want to keep them separate, such as a door alarm with no off switch that will sound whenever it is triggered? Do you want to surround yourself with security features, or do you just want to do the minimum? The following guidelines are for those who want to go all out for their security system.

Install Video Surveillance

Install Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an effective deterrent against criminals. It is also a good way to make sure that you are covered if you do suffer a break in. The best places to put these are by your doors and windows. You may want to hide them, but if you want to use them as more of a deterrent, make sure that you put them somewhere out of reach so that they cannot be tampered with. You can purchase whole surveillance systems, but if you want a cheaper option, you can buy one or two cameras and hook them up to either your computer or your DVR.

Install Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are the next step, and they are often cheaper than video cameras. You can buy ones that cover whole rooms, or “laser” ones that will monitor just one thing such as a door. Whichever you get, make sure that your entryways are covered, along with all of your lower level windows.

Install an Automatic Lock

Regular locks no longer that effective, so you should consider installing an automatic lock with a keypad entry. The most advanced of these allows you to control the lock remotely, but cheaper options usually utilize a keypad with a code that allows you to lock and unlock the door.

Link it Together

If you want a really effective security system, you will want to link it all together using either a computer or a keypad that can control everything remotely. Some DIY security systems will come in a package that includes a control pad, but if you are doing everything yourself it is still relatively simple to hook it up to your computer.

Protect Your Valuables


After all of this, it is still no guarantee that your valuables will be safe. So if you want to be really certain that some things are protected, perhaps you should consider getting a safe or a safety deposit box. Then you will know for sure that you can sleep safe in the knowledge that your most important possessions are protected.