How To Fix Plumbing Problems Yourself

If you are a DIY man who likes to take care of his own household problems then it can be a matter of pride to attempt to fix any plumbing problems yourself. For some minor plumbing issues such as fixing a leaking tap and bleeding a radiator, calling in a plumber isn’t necessary as long as you have the knowledge and tools available to fix it. It can be daunting to attempt to fix it yourself as you probably think that you will only make it worse but with the right know how and guidance you can fix your plumbing problems in a matter of minutes and save yourself from having to splash out on plumber fees.

Bleeding A Radiator

Ok let’s start with an easy one, or is it? Most of you will be thinking that bleeding a radiator is a job that you can do yourself and usually it is but just be careful as if it’s not done right then you could end up causing even more damage to it.

How to fix It: To bleed your radiator first ensure that you have turned your heating off. You may need a key to bleed it with depending on the make of the radiator but most can be bled with a screw driver. Find the valve on the top of the radiator and turn it ant-clockwise, you should hear the gas escaping and you will need to catch some liquid coming out. Make sure to close the valve over quickly once the liquid starts coming out. That’s it, follow those instructions and it should be 5 minute job, no need for a plumber.

Plumbing Problems

Repairing A Burst Pipe

Burst pipes are a major problem in the winter time as the drop in temperature causes the pipes to expand and contract which leads to them bursting.

How to fix it: Firstly, turn of your water supply by find the stopcock which is usually under the sink or in the hot press and turning it off. The next important step to take is to drain all the water from the system by running your cold taps and flushing the toilet. Once you’ve drained the colder water from the system then do the same with the hot water. You then need to fit a compression fitting onto the pipe where it’s leaking, cut the affected area with a saw and replace it with a slip connector. Connect the other end of the pipe to the compression fitting and you are sorted. There is some skill required in this procedure so if you are at all unsure then it’s best to call in a professional to be on the safe side.

Fixing A Leaking Tap

A leaking tap doesn’t seem like a massive problem and to be honest it isn’t but it’s one of those things that can drive you slowly insane when left. This is definitely something that you shouldn’t call in a plumber for when you can learn how to fix it yourself.

How to fix it: Turn off the water supply, turn the tap fully on and plug the sink. Use a screwdriver to remove the head of the tap. Once you’ve done this then you need to dismantle the head of the tap and turn the nut but careful not to force it too much as this can cause it more damage. Once that’s done then remove the washer and replace it with a new one which should solve your leak.

Alan Bennett works as a plumber for Belfast Plumbing Services. He often advises people on how to solve small plumbing problems themselves to allow him to spend his time on the bigger problems.