How to Get Rid of Aggression in Dogs

By Subodh / November 14, 2011

When dealing with a dog, you should always remember that it is a descendant of wolves. Aggression comes naturally for it. Through the years, dogs have been tamed and domesticated. But dogs still tend to be aggressive; they do this to prove its stand in a ‘pack’.

In this quest to prove dominance in a ‘pack’ aggression can escalate, leaving scars and sometimes even proves fatal

How to deal with a Dog

Treat a dog the same way you treat a child. Their minds are not as developed as adults. Before they can understand something, you need to consistently repeat it.

Simplicity is key, use words and hand signals to reinforce what you want the dog to do. An example is “get back” or ‘down’ whenever you sense it is being aggressive to someone. Just saying it will not get the point across but combining it with your hands will.

Types of Aggression

  • Towards people
  • Towards other dogs

Changing the behavior of your dog will mean using rewards (just like children) by using treats or a simple pat or discipline.

Ways you can get rid of Aggression

  •  Find out if your dog is in any pain. Just like human beings, a dog will not be comfortable when in pain. They usually respond with aggression.

If this is the case, you should take him to the vet, who can offer advice about how to stop the aggression. Also find out if it is caused by any food allergy.

  • You might have to restrain the dog. This can be done by tying, muzzling or caging him. Some people would consider this inhumane. In most cases dogs that are restrained for long periods tend to be more aggressive.
  • Castrate or neuter the dog. This tends to decrease aggression.
  • Offer punishment immediately they are aggressive. Do not wait till later. Just like children, they need to relate the discipline as a consequence. This is a quite effective method.
  • Do not confuse a dog by encouraging it to be aggressive towards strangers and friendly to your friends. You need to maintain consistency. Aggression is bad all the time.
  • Aggression is usually brought on by fear. Have an accessible ‘safe place’ for your dog. It should always feel safe.
  • Always dominate your dog. Your dog’s mindset works in terms of a pack. If he imagines you are above him, it will listen. Use a commanding voice and maintain a firm posture.
  • Use a trainer. The dog trainer will train both you and the dog. You will be taught how to maintain dominance and how to use commands.
  • Do not mistreat it, this kind of behavior will be reciprocated by aggression
  • Use of eye contact with your dog will be understood as aggression. This is how dogs think, you should avoid it.
  • You can also use a shock collar. You will be able to send small shock signals through your dog by using a remote control whenever it is aggressive.