How To Get Rid of Dangerous Garage Doors

By Subodh / December 31, 2013

Why is it that thousands of homeowners up and down the country are happy to shell out thousands of pounds on expensive electrical items yet fail to take proper care of their homes. As you drive around, you can see countless windows in need of repair, un-kept gardens and more than anything else dangerous old garage doors. As such, if you are one such homeowner that is guilty of this modern trend, be sure to take account of the following article citing reasons why it is essential to remove a dangerous garage door from your property.

Old Garage Doors

When you look at the size of a typical garage door it should be obvious that as the largest moving object within most homes it will require regular maintenance and care to keep it in a safe working condition so that you can be sure it is not going to cause injury to someone or something.  However this is not the case.

Garage Doors

On a day to day basis, homeowners will ignore any aspect of the door and would more than likely never dream of having it serviced. Instead they simply go about their business going in and out of the garage without realising what they are lifting above their head has the potential to cause injury or even death should any critical part of the supporting frame fail due to lack of maintenance.

Electric Garage Doors

What is even more disconcerting is that with an ever increasing trend for home automation products, many homeowners are selecting to buy garage door operators online and fit them to the garage themselves little realising that they are making the problem of a poor quality garage door even worse and in some cases extremely dangerous for the user and anyone in the nearby vicinity.

This is because once a door becomes automated it is classed under law as a machine and as such must meet stringent safety standards. A such, unless a door is in tip top working condition, it can make the safety features built into the motor give false readings which in turn can mean that excessive force can be placed on anyone that comes into contact with it.

What Solutions are Available?

Now you are aware of the dangers of leaving a garage door to deteriorate in condition, there is simply no excuse to avoid paying it some attention. As such, there are 2 main courses of action that can be taken to ensure safety becomes paramount.

Service the Existing Door – If you feel that the existing garage door looks in a generally good condition but is simply hard to operate, or do not have the funds to buy a replacement then it is essential that you call out a professional garage door installer who will be able to inspect the door in detail, replace any damaged or worn parts and give it a clean bill of health. In addition to this, should the door be automated they will also be able to check the suitability of the door / motor combination and make the required changes if necessary.

Replace the Garage Door – If after inspecting the door it becomes obvious it will be more effective to replace the whole door and operating system then there will be literally hundreds of great design to choose from. As such the addition of a new door will bring new life to your garage and will in-turn increase the kerb appeal of your property and provide increased security.

What kinds of Garage Doors Are Available?

Gone are the days of their only being one kind of garage door to choose from. With modern manufacturing techniques allowing for more advanced user friendly designs you will have a choice of hundreds of styles, colours and materials to choose from.

As a result of this large choice we thought we would detail some of the more popular styles that are increasing in popularity because of the benefits they offer to home owners

Side Hinged Doors – Constructed in the same manner as any front door, a pair of side hinged door as easy to operate and make accessing the garage space very simple. In fact, the user can simply open one half of the door if pedestrian access is required or fully open both leafs if vehicular access is required making them quite a versatile alternate security solution.

Sectional Garage Doors – Perfect for homeowners looking to increase energy efficiency, the addition of an insulated sectional door to the entrance of your garage will ensure years of security and thermal performance at an extremely competitive price.

Roller Garage Doors – Simple in their design, a roller door suitable for residential garages offers homeowners the most benefits over any other type of door. As such, designs such as these that are available from Roller Doors Ltd are extremely appealing. This is mainly because they offer thermal performance knocking money off expensive heating bills (if the garage is attached to the house), feature a vertical lift design that is perfect for homes with short driveways, are automated as standard and can be supplied in made to measure sizes for no additional charge ensuring the perfect fit to each and every garage regardless of width or height.

To conclude, if you are one of the many homeowners who have chosen to ignore your garage door and it has now slipped into a state of disrepair, it is essential that you act now. Failing to do so could lead to a serious injury the next time you try to access your garage.