How To Get Rid of Gum in Your Carpet

Carpets are very glorious in appearance. You can kick off your shoes after a long, hard day at work and walk barefoot over this very comfortable, soft kind of flooring.

Of course, if not everyone takes off your shoes like you do you may step on gum. In the process, you might step on some gum in your carpet.

Now you have a mess to clean up. However, there is no need to panic. Chewing gum can be lifted from the floor quite nicely if you do it very carefully.

Time to Get Rid of Gum in Your Carpet!

Before you attempt to get rid of gum in your carpet you should first assess the situation. It may not always be chewing gum but rather it could be candy. Either that, or there is a huge difference in gumball machine gum texture and say for example a stick of mint Wrigley’s gum.

Here are some example techniques:

1. Option #1-Blow dry it off. First, aim the hair dryer at the chewing gum and blow the heat directly on the stain. When doing so be careful not to melt the carpet fibers in the event it is made from a plastic-based synthetic material.
First, test your dryer’s heat settings in a rather hidden area of the carpet just to be safe. Then, lift the gum from the carpet using the plastic bag. This method works best on smaller strains, and you may need to repeat this process a couple of times.

2. Option #2-Freeze off the gum. The items you need for this job include ice cubes, plastic bag, spoon, spatula, and a vacuum cleaner. You would start by getting the ice cubes, which should be put into the plastic bag.

After the gum freezes you can then scrape it off with a spoon or spatula. You should do this step slowly but make sure the gum is hard enough to be scraped without causing further damage. Then, vacuum up any loose pieces. Using the brush attachment would be best.

3. Apply a muscle run (i.e. Ben Gay). You need the Ben Gay product as well as a plastic bag, dish soap, rag, and electric fan. The Extra Strength Ben Gay is best. However, you can use any muscle rub product that has methyl salicylate in it.

First you would apply the Ben Gay. Then, you would take the plastic bag and use it to pull the gum off the carpet. This process should be repeated until the gum is removed.

Then, prepare a mild detergent solution with a warm cup of water and dishwashing soap. Stir this solution in order to dissolve the solution in a cup and then use it to rinse a spot.

The final step would be to blot the wet spot with a dry rag and/or towel. You can also let it air dry and the air drying step would go faster with a fan.

4. Option #4-Commercial Stain Remover-This method has harsh chemicals in it. Therefore, it should be considered as a last resort. However, when used it really does work.

Just follow the application instructions given to you when using a product such as Goo Gone. A hair dryer may be needed as when using the blow dryer method that has been mentioned previously.