How To Get Rid of Hardwood Floors

Though they look great, hardwood floors are hell to maintain, and not everyone like the looks of it. Although they last you a really long time, there are reasons which can make people cringe before using them and they want it changed as soon as possible. For them, here is a set of ways you can change the way your floor looks.

Why Get Rid of Hardwood Floors?

Well, there are different kinds of flooring like plank flooring, several types of wood tile, not to mention the ever-popular parquet flooring, which makes excellent flooring material, and for many years people have loved the way these look, and the their agile durability. Generally, the popular flooring types are:

  • Teak
  • Chestnut
  • Maple
  • Pine
  • Oak

However, there are several problems a homemaker or renovator might face from them, like:

  • Pest infestation. Generally termites and other random pests are a problem with hardwood floor. They can actually eat up the entire flooring.
  • Deterioration. There are different kinds of flooring which are more useful and durable, like stone, concrete and synthetic materials.
  • Advantages of other materials. For hardwood floors, you end up paying a lot more than you pay for other flooring. Hardwood is expensive material.
  • Environmental issues. Timber for hardwood can be a cost-effective and energy intensive procedure, and timber comes from plants, which can be a environment problem. so instead of cutting up trees, alternative materials can be used easily.

Going Over Hardwood Floors

Instead of using your existing hardwood covered floor, you can easily use another flooring material to cover the existing flooring. All you need to remember are a few things, and you are good to go: Remember to check whether the existing hardwood material strong enough to help put on the flooring material, getting rid of the parts which cannot, and then pour over the concrete or other flooring material to cover the floor. You now would have new flooring on your hardwood material.

Removing Hardwood Floors

If you think removing is your thing, then fine, get hold of a few tools, and you are good to go. You would need a circular saw, a chisel, a claw hammer, a sledgehammer, one or more crowbars, and at least one floor scraper.

Then proceed in the following way:

1. Set your lines, boundaries where you can cut off after inspecting the floor. Mark the areas where you would be using your claw hammer.
2. With your saw, you should be able to slice off parts of the flooring, while leaving a part to be decimated by a sledgehammer or crowbar.
3. Be careful and do not damage your subfloor while doing that.
4. With the help of the claw hammer, remove the nails. Work around them with a chisel and a hammer, and properly remove it.
5. After removing the floor, scrape out the subfloor surface with you floor scraper.
6. After you are done, scrape the floor clean of all debris, and inspect the area for any kind of structural damage that might have happened during removal and demolition.

Though difficult and time consuming, removing a hardwood floor is not difficult.