How To Get Rid of Junk and Make Your Home Less Complicated

If you want to organize your home and are yearning for a chaos free and orderly life, the foremost endeavour is to de-clutter the house. The clutter is the stuff accumulated at home which is unusable and purposeless. Getting rid of everything which is not in use is mandatory to bring order to your home. So, get in action, decide, gather courage and act, and make your life simple and systematic.

1. De-cluttering the kitchen

Now when you have decided to de-clutter and organise your home the first place to look for is the kitchen. When you begin the process you will be surprised to see the unused items the kitchen is holding till now. The cabinets and shelves are stuffed with all sorts of pickles, sauces, pudding and cake mixes that are never used or never meant to be used, only bought for the reason that their packaging was beautiful or they were on sale. The kitchen counter is over burdened with machines and equipment that are non-functional or seldom used.

Walk around the kitchen and inspect in a manner that you are from cleaning service and you are on a job. Start with clearing the kitchen counter. Machines or appliances that are only eating up the space, such as the knife block, with all sorts of knives that are not used should go away, or the never used bread making machine and the French fryer that has not been used for ages should be dumped.

When cleaning up the cabinets start from the top. It is the place where you will find all items that you forgot and thought you never had. It is quiet probable that you have bought them again. So, just throw them away and move to the lower cabinets, sorting the items you use or not. The best way to separate is by asking yourself the simple question that when is the last time you used it and if your answer is before one year or never, it should be dumped.

2. Sort out your mails

The big time clutter is created by the mails and papers that you have never sorted out just because you are too busy or too lazy to go through all and they are stacked piles over piles in the prospect of being read one day.

Cleaning and sorting out the accumulated mails, receipts, notices and flyers is not an easy task. The first thing you can do is collect them all in a large box and keep them aside. When you are through with the cleaning process of the house you can sort them out.
You can designate a box or tray for all the papers at your home for future, where all the incoming mails and papers can be stored and sorted out once in a week or month.

3. Clean up your closet

Cleaning up the overstuffed closet is the most challenging task, not because it is strenuous but because you are attached to the contents. All dress material is bought with endeavour and it is not easy to part with them.

How to Get Rid of Junk and Make Your Home Less Complicated

Be detached, empty your closet and sort out in piles the clothes that you wear and you don’t. Arrange the first pile in the cupboard and sort out the second one again. Separate the clothes that you can wear but have holes or small tears that can be mended. Then sort out the clothes that are out of trend, do not fit anymore or gifted by someone but you cannot wear, or the clothes that you kept in hope to wear someday. Trash them in boxes and give in charity or throw away.

4. Arranging Old photos

You must have piles of old photos which you always wanted to arrange but you never had. It is the high time to get rid of them and spare yourself from the long-time guilt of not arranging them. Try to group the photos according to the occasions and throw away the one you don’t relate to or you don’t like, and stack the rest in a box.

5. Don’t make your home a museum

The houses are often adorned with the items, inherited or gifted by someone or of sentimental value. Letting go of these items is the hardest choice.

The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is, you are not getting rid of the person; you are only removing the item. It is not necessary to keep your great grandma’s wall clock even if it is non-functional and is gathering dust in your storage. Preserving your kid’s old scrapbooks or report cards is equally senseless, drawings saved with sentiments may hold no place in their lives.
So, hold onto the items that are useful or give joy to you and to others.

6. Arrange and de-clutter the basement and storage

Basements are usually the dumping ground for all the unused items of the house and de-cluttering and managing the basement is the most arduous task. From papers, magazines, toys to all kinds of appliances and gadgets, not in use, defective or damaged, find place in the basement storage.

To get rid of the clutter, you need to sort out the things in usable, non-usable and undecided. Throw away instantly the unusable items and arrange the usable in shelves or boxes with labels, put away the undecided items for re-evaluation after sometime.

While de-cluttering the house, the key is to be detached and assess the items in terms of usefulness and applicability. Cleaning the house will certainly lessen the chaos and will bring order to the home.