How To Get Rid of Static

Static is an electric charge that gives off a jolt of energy when you least expect it. Usually the tingling you feel is noticeable. It might occur from your finger tip and quickly reach the rest of your body.

You might notice it when you open a door or you climb the stairs. Usually this condition is most noticeable when you are opening a door or climbing the stairs. It also occurs sometimes when barefoot and walking on a shag carpet.

The static itself is not painful. However, the electrical current that passes through your body when you touch the wrong object can hurt quite profusely.

For instance, if you touch something metal you could get an electric shock. The same could happen if you touch any other object such as a coffee pot. It can even happen when you touch another person.

This electrical energy can actually be harnessed and used as energy. However, you may not always want the static.

Ways to get rid of static electricity are shown below:

  • Keep your place warm enough during the winter. Heat helps humidify the air, thus reducing air dryness that leads to static electricity that could cause electrical shocking.
  • Besides a heater, a humidifier can also moisten the air during colder months. An extra benefit is the removal of bacteria and mold spores from the air.
  • Do not wear synthetic clothing. Wearing clothing made out of materials such as polyester or nylon can increase electrical shock. A better choice would be to wear cotton, rayon, or silk.
  • Beware also that when wool and polyester are worn together it can heighten static so avoid this material combination. Leather versus rubber or other synthetic shoe materials are also recommended.
  • Use wooden flooring versus carpeting. Hardwood flooring eliminates static electricity problems. A non-shag area rug is also acceptable. However, try to reduce or eliminate presence of carpeting if static electricity is a concern for you.
  • Purchase anti-static furniture. Usually furniture that is made from anti-static materials such as leather or wool is recommended. This usually is much such as those covered with a manmade kind of upholstery covering made with polyester or other fake material.
  • Change your carpeting. Wool is an anti-static material that would make a great carpet. It helps get rid of static and besides it is far more comfortable to walk on. Anti-static mats or rugs can also be found for placement by your TV and computers.
  • Use static-free pet brushes. An ionic-ultrasonic waterless pet brush may do wonders for you. They serve a similar purpose as does a dryer sheet for drying your clothes, only it is used to groom a dog or cat.
  • Frizz-free hair dryers. Frizzy hair causes the spread of static electricity. One way to stop this problem is to use an ionic hairdryer. This is a device that will help you manage your hair quite nicely.
  • Anti-static potion. Your house can be sprayed with a static-charge generator. One tablespoon of fabric softener mixed in water with a spray bottle often does the trick. You can mix this solution thoroughly and use it to spray your carpet, furniture, and other static-inducing surfaces.