How To Get Rid of Termite For Home Protection – Top 3 Tips

Termite protection does not only begin once you find out that termites have taken over your property. The best time to raise your defenses against these wood-boring creatures is even before an infestation, which is before or during the construction of your house. Afterwards, be sure to take preventive measures and to keep your property well-maintained to avoid any future pest problems.

There are several ways to protect a home from termite attacks. If you are planning to buy a house or if you want to know more about how to protect your property from damaging termites, read on below.

1. Know the House or Property That You’re Buying

– Have the house inspected

Whether you’re renting or buying, a thorough inspection is definitely a must. Hire an expert who can conduct a complete evaluation of the place that you’re interested in. The individual that you hire must be able to provide you with exhaustive info regarding past and current pest problems. You can also ask this person for some advice about what areas in the house are most vulnerable to termite attacks so that you can employ preventive measures.

– Determine if the property is at risk for a termite attack

If a house is near another spot that currently has a termite problem, then it’s at risk. Underground termite colonies can be pretty extensive, and even if you don’t see them at first, they probably are just a few feet under the ground. Places near wooded areas are also susceptible as there are several species of termites that prefer to live in damp or rotting wood stumps.

2. See If Pre-Construction Measures Have Been Taken


Before you buy a house, be sure to ask the seller if he took preventive measures against termite attacks before and during construction. This includes the following: utilizing aboveground foundation barriers, like the use of termite shields and masonry caps; having mechanical inground barriers, such as using sand, finely graded stone or stainless steel mesh to protect the foundation; and using termite-resistant wood for construction.

3. Avoid Things That Make a Property Vulnerable to Termite Attacks

Because termites can already be eating your home from the inside out long before you actually see them, it’s best to be vigilant. This includes taking measures to safeguard your house from these insects, which includes: avoiding having mulch or soil near wooden walls; protecting the siding; and regularly inspecting the interior and exterior of your property for signs of termite presence.

In Case of a Termite Infestation…

In case you suspect that your property is being attacked by termites, consult a pest control expert as soon as possible. Yes, there are do-it-yourself methods. However, there are several issues that might render such measures ineffective, such as improper application, incorrect utilization of chemicals, or use of wrong formulation or solutions. If you do not take action right away, the termites can become more entrenched underneath or within your house, which will make them more difficult to get rid of. When you waste time, you also allow the termites to cause more damage to your property.