How to Get Rid of Used Batteries

By Subodh / September 18, 2012

You need to get rid of your old batteries the right way so you can protect the environment. Old batteries contain all sorts of materials like lead, mercury and many other harmful heavy metals. They could potentially get in a landfill and ruin groundwater. Therefore, you have to make sure you are using the right methods for getting rid of used batteries. These methods are easy to use and can keep the environment clean.

Contact a Hazardous Waste Site

A hazardous waste site is a secluded spot that will take care of hazardous waste materials. These include materials that contain heavy metals. You can bring your old batteries to one of these sites. This should be done to keep your set from being too difficult to handle.

A hazardous waste site will take care of your waste by preparing it in a secluded area that will not create any harmful deposits in the environment. Everything will be condensed and packaged at one of these sites, thus creating a secure space to dispose of old items in.

Check with Metal Recyclers

Some metal recyclers are willing to take in old batteries. These places will take in old metals and pay you money for them. The metals you bring in will then be processed and taken apart to where it can be used for new purposes.

This could work well provided that a metal recycler is capable of removing any mercury and other fluids from a battery. You have to check with a recycler to see if the batteries you want to get rid of are ones that the recycler can actually handle. This is especially if you have something that works with specific items in mind like a car battery.

Contact a Local Store

A good idea would be to contact a local retailer in your area to see if they can take in your old batteries. Many retailers will not only take in your batteries for recycling but they might also give you coupons for future purchases depending on where you go. The places that you could consider when getting rid of your batteries include:

  • Cell phone stores
  • Technology product stores
  • Department stores
  • Office supply stores
  • Auto parts stores

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Can You Throw Them Out Yourself?

There are a few cases where you could throw out your batteries on your own without having to take them anywhere special. However, you must be very careful if you are going to do this. There are only a few kinds of batteries that you can safely throw out on your own. These include such kinds of batteries in your home as:

  • Nickel metal hydride batteries; this includes ones that can be recharged
  • Alkaline manganese batteries
  • All-purpose batteries that do not contain mercury

You should be aware of where you are going when you are trying to get rid of your old batteries. You need to use the right ideas to make it easier for you to get rid of what you no longer need without risking anything to the environment.