How To Make a Statement with Your Room: 5 Ways to Get the Look You Want

By Subodh / July 14, 2013

Creating the perfect room is not as impossible as it may seem. You do not have to be an experienced interior designer to create a room that has personality, yet is perfect for the family to gather. It just takes a few simple tricks. Thankfully, these tips are not hard to accomplish nor are they expensive.

1. Furniture – If you want to create a family feel to a room, try adding a sectional sofa. These sofas are a great way to accommodate many people, and keep them close enough together for conversation, but also not cramped. They are generally a little larger than regular sofas, making them even easier to accomodate relaxing. They are available in many colors, textures and fabrics. In addition, you can even choose designer pieces like a La-Z-Boy or Broyhill Veronica sectional as well as more unique, original selections to make the statement you want.


2. Color Scheme – One thing that you should always remember is that the colors of your walls will set the mood for the room. Hues that are too dark make people reclusive, while hues that are too light make people feel they are in a sterile setting. Opt for a hue that you like that falls into a medium shade. You also want to make sure that when you select a color for your walls, other items in the room should be a different shade. Too much of the same color in one area brings about an “office” feel to a room.

3. Lighting – Lighting can change the mood of any room. Add accent lights that can be easily accessed. Brighter rooms create a very “open” feeling, while dimmer lights are perfect for cozy evenings at home.

4. Flooring – You can change the appearance of your floor by adding different area or throw rugs. The type of rug you select can change the entire aura of your space. A shaggy carpet can give your room a friendlier atmosphere, while a cropped rug with symmetrical designs will give it a more formal feel.

5. Accessories – You should select artwork for your walls that can lead to conversation. For a family room, adding family photos to the walls can add a familial air to the room and are also great conversation focus. You should refrain from setting out too many knick knacks or figurines onto the tables. While this may look nice at first, it usually leads to additional housework. Tables that become cluttered with keepsakes also make people feel a little uneasy in a room because it can make the room feel more like a show case than a gathering place.

When it comes to decorating your home, especially your family room, the best thing to remember is your family. Think about what your family likes and does together. Once you make these five simple changes to your interior design plan, you will see how easy it is to come up with a great family room that everyone will enjoy.