How To Make Your Conservatories Safe And Secure

By Subodh / July 23, 2013

One of the most hassle free way of adding more space to your existing home is by way of building a well-lit, expansive conservatories. Conservatories are excellent because they allow you to enjoy the feeling of being outside without actually exposing you to the harsher weather that is prevalent. They make your home look good and play an important role in enhancing the quality of life in your home.

For all these benefits, it is essential to note that the same principles that apply to your overall home in terms of security, apply here as well. The difference here is that, while the standard ways of securing your home would have been part of the original design of the house, it may not extend naturally to include your new conservatory. Most folks add a conservatory after their house is fully built and they are already living in it.

This means, in some ways, the newly built conservatory can become a mild security risk, since it leads directly into your home. This minor security risk can be eliminated by careful planning and additions that should be made part of your original plan for the conservatory. Usually, conservatory builders would talk about security and make suggestions. It does not hurt to know this information beforehand, allowing you to have a much more meaningful discussion with the conservatory builder.


Adding Safety

Conservatory is first and foremost an enhanced version of the glass house which has been adapted to meet the needs of a more modern nature. It is designed to be lived in and used as a part time living room. This means it comes with a lot of glass, facility for wide doors and even wider windows. All this is implemented to ensure you feel like you are in the middle of a garden while also being shielded by harsh wind and sunlight.

The same ‘openness’ of a conservatory also makes it a little more unsafe. This is of course a temporary problem which can be fixed easily. The most common ways in which you can go about securing your conservatory is by the usage of safety reinforced glasses, strong doors and secure locks.

Glass Installation

Much of the construction of the conservatory has to do with glass. In most cases, conservatories come with double glazing glasses which are extremely good in terms of fighting against weather elements. You can take their roughness to the next logical level by replacing most of the double glazing with safety glass or toughened glass. Toughened glass is the type of glass that you may have seen being used on high rise buildings. They are like, as their name would give away, extremely tough with some of the brands being as tough as the brick and mortal walls themselves.

An interesting aspect of toughened glass is that it does not break easily. When it does break, it takes a herculean amount of force. In addition to that, the broken pieces of toughened glass do not have sharp edges. This means, even if you should have an accident that results in broken glass, it is not dangerous for those who may be showered with broken glass pieces.

Standard conservatory construction ensures that all glass construction is beaded internally. This means, the sealing of the glass to your conservator is done from inside. This means, these glass panes can be pulled out from within the conservatory and cannot be done so from outside. This adds to the overall safety of the conservatory.

Doors And Windows

Conservatories will have at least one large door and many large windows. It is essential, even at the cost of some aesthetics to have locks for every window and door that is attached to the conservatory. Many conservatory companies have realized this need and have come up with lock designs which do their function just fine while also looking pretty good.

It goes without saying that you have to ensure that these locks are locked at night time and not to be left open. A lot of instances, the safety systems are in place but it is the folks who live in the home who end up becoming the weak link.

Ideally it is better if you plan for these safety features from the day you start discussing about a conservatory with a home improvement company. If that wasn’t planned from the beginning, you can always upgrade your existing conservatory to include the above mentioned safety features. In most case, a reputed home improvement service can make these changes without making any drastic changes to the original design of the conservatory.